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    Apparently not. I would like to know why Splinter Cell Trilogy HD is not available on XBOX 360 as well. BUMP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Th3 Code View Post
    I never even knew Ubisoft released a HD Splinter Cell until today, and then I found out it is only for Playstation 3/Playstaion Network... That is a massive heartbreak, we need a petition for Xbox 360 Splinter Cell HD!
    Ubisoft simply ported the first three games from the PC (and didn't include the COOP missions, any of the bonus missions, or any bonus features) and turned up the resolution a bit. Simply put, the Splinter Cell HD Trilogy was half-*ssed, just like everything Ubisoft does nowadays. You didn't miss out on much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crucify Lucifer View Post
    I'd love to see the trilogy come to the 360 as well (hell, even the other version of Double Agent as well), I want to be able to play those games again while in an XBL party without having to hook up another console and use up half of the city's energy to play in peace .
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    I wish Ubisoft has a plan to release all the entire episodes of Splinter Cell in the near future. I would love to see it on the next-gen console or even PC.
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    original Xbox

    They were some of my favorite games for the original Xbox.
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    Looks like we will never get the HD collection on Xbox 360. It's a shame. Chaos Theory is on Xbox Live Marketplace the very least.

    It sucks, because I still have to keep all the old Xbox disks and keep re-inserting them. I'd be nice to reduce the number of disks to have the first three games (or more) on all three.

    So, was it that Xbox 360 gamers got Conviction as exclusive to their console, while PS3 gamers got the legacy HD collection? It'd be interesting to know why the Xbox 360 was excluded from the HD collection release.

    The only hope now is if Ubisoft ever remastered any (or all) of the SC games on next-gen for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Chaos Theory's 10th anniversary is coming up... but I doubt there will be any big surprise announcement like a remastering of CT... however, I can dream.

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