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    ubisoft launcher not found. Error code 2

    Please can someone help me? i downloaded AC:R last night on steam and it will not start. it just give me the above error message. ive searched the forums and found a few solutions non of which have worked. im getting really frustrated as i dont often buy myself games and was really looking forward to this

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    Just reinstall the ubisoft game launcher: uninstall it, download installer from here:
    and install it again. If windows vista/7/8 click on installer with right mouse ****on and choose "run as administrator".
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    thanks spectatorx but i did see you comunity FaQ and tried everything you suggested, i just retried this as well but it didnt work

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    Did you check your antivirus? Maybe it removes file ubiorbitapi_r2.dll, some antivirus software sometimes detect this file as virus what is false positive.

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    ok so i saw this as a possible fix but wasnt sure if it was genuine, shall i try it? my anti virus is definately seeing it as a virus

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    also where shall i download it from?

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    Temporary disable antivirus, reinstall ubisoft game launcher as i described it before, go to antivirus settings and create new exception for file mentioned in my previous post.

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    No, still giving exactly the same message. i dissabled my annti virus and re-installed but it just keeps bringing me back tothe same point. Also thanks for try to help with this i really appreciate it

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    yeah i checked all of the ubisoft help section before asking in the forums. i also sent support tickets to ubisoft and steam for any help they may offer. I am getting so annoyed with this now

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