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    Rearmed patch - now works on ipad, but starting again????

    I played rearmed on my iphone religiosly, I have unlocked almost all of the content that I need. However even though logging into the ipad game with the same uplay account and the same gamecenter ID, all my levels and equipment have gone...... that burns!

    The game should be awesome on the ipad, I didnt even bother finding out as on my iphone im more competitive.

    Is there a way of getting your iphone rearmed data onto your ipad which works?

    clutching at straws to see if anyone can respond here :/
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    I wasnt really expecting a reply in this ghost town, but im still very dissapointed that I was right

    really want to play this game on the ipad, but since its a port that doesnt take with it all of your hard earned cash and equipment from the iphone game, I see no point in playing it on the ipad (which is a real shame as its a lot better to use!)

    ho hum, anyone out there?
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    I've been playing for a long time on my ipad, received a high level and a lot of skills. Now, I updated my ipad, and configured it as a new device, installed the game again and got a 1st level without skills and things. I used my Ubi account, but had to start over, is that correct? Excuse my English, I used the translator of Google.
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    Same problem I just got a new ipad and login in with my same username as my ipad2. I tried to upload my library, but that didnt not interested in this game anymore if i have to start over. I was an everyday player, and owned.
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    Assassins Creed rearmed

    What happened to all my achievements? I had bought some upgrades on this game and had reached level 5. After the game finally started working again I am back to level 1?
    I'm signed in to my uplay account on the Iphone but it started me over. Doesn't the account keep track of our game levels? what's the point if everytime they mess up their updates we have to start the game all over agian.
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    Hi guys, have you contacted technical support? the link is in my signature.
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    we contact to the technical support but still no answer and there is no solution to fix this problem.
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