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    How good is King's Bounty for PC from HOMM fan point of view?

    First off, let me apologize if this thread doesn't belong here; but it is in this forum where I keep seeing references to King's Bounty.

    I have played all Heroes 1-6 and could easily be considered a "fanboy" of the series! I also have King's Bounty for the Sega Genesis. (Yes, I'm that old.) I love it and have played over 200 games of it easily...probably more. I still play it in the summer from time to time as I take the Genesis up my cottage for weekends and stuff. It is always a fun challenge due to the randomness and different ways you can play it even though the overall difficulty is easy once you know the game. Sure, it takes persistence to actually beat Arech Dragonbreath and you could set the time limit to impossible (200 days?) but I'm in it for the fun, not the rush. I have noticed that the Genesis will increase the difficulty of the existing neutrals if you get lucky. For example: if you find the articles of nobility (+3000 gold / week) right away, I have seen hill giants and trolls come out of the darkness leading the neutrals on the first continent! (which you must avoid and be patient with for a bit) Obviously, the neutrals don't change after you spot one out of the fog of undiscovered country. But the ones I haven't seen yet seem to beef up a bit sometimes when things go "too well" for me in the early game. I actually don't mind this as it provides an extra challenge to the game.

    My main questions for you guys on this matter are these:

    1) How different is the pc version than the Genesis (better / worse) ?

    2) It sounds like there are a few versions or expansions out there (Armored Princess etc.)?

    3) In your opinion, is it worth going back in time to play them if I missed them? (I do like the Genesis King's Bounty and have no problem getting into older games.)

    Thanks ahead of time ! I would be very interested in what you have to say.
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    The King's Bounty games suffer from limited replayability because while the location and types of available dwellings is randomized, the map is not. After a few playthroughs, it gets a bit on the tedious side since you start remembering where all the treasure boxes are. That being said, they have considerably better replayability than HoMM campaigns, because they do vary what troops you'll be fighting against and what troops you have available. There is also no multiplayer, but considering how poorly the multiplayer works in HoMM 6 that's not much of an issue.

    King's Bounty has basically three games at the moment for the PC: the original (in all its CGA/EGA wonder), The Legend, and Crossworlds. There is also Armored Princess, but that is included in Crossworlds. Crossworlds is the latest, and it is very good. Considerably better than Heroes VI, for what it is worth. The game is infinitely more stable, the tactics far deeper, the bosses amazingly more difficult and interesting, and so on and so forth. Also: no painful DRM, so it never kicks you out of the game right after a major battle and right before you can save the game. Definitely pick up King's Bounty Crossworlds.

    The fine folks at Katauri in Kalinningrad are also working on King's Bounty: Warriors of the North, which is supposed to come out in a few months. That looks like basically a new campaign for Crossworlds. To that I say: "Thank You!" I'll totally be picking that up as soon as I can.
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    When you talk about King's Bounty you are basically talking about Armored Princess which has many new innovations, spells and creatures. I have to say that a mage in AP felt like a mage with many routes to take, unlike in MMH6.

    Basically, MMH6 is far superior in terms of graphics, animation, economy and factions/creatures variety but I think that leveling up your character in AP is more detailed and meaningful. Also there are all kinds of dragons in AP and you really can have an amazing amount of tactics depending on class/creature/equipment combo. Equipment plays a huge roll in AP, also you can have companions which further customize how you want to play.

    There are many lessons still to be learned from King's Bounty/Armored Princess, it was really a fantastic game, unfortunately I can't come back to it because I am spoiled by MMH6 beautiful graphics and animations.
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    I lOVE KB's creatures move and attack in one turn and the real time on adv. map en turned based in battle.
    I appreciate the graphics and atmosphere, even today (prefer h5/h6).
    Tried to get into the game again recently but yes, too familiar and long to hold interest.
    Once or twice, then it's done, unless you're one of those fanatics that feels like going through a one dragon challenge or something.
    Nice to have such radical options, apparently it's doable.
    I understand there's a campaign editor available in crossworlds but afaik nobody produced anything with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hobo2 View Post

    The fine folks at Katauri in Kalinningrad are also working on King's Bounty: Warriors of the North, which is supposed to come out in a few months. That looks like basically a new campaign for Crossworlds.
    That's bad, I though Katauri would be working on a proper sequel by now, they are obviously very talented.

    Also stop with the huge font, what's wrong with you?
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    I love King's Bounty! I played the original King's Bounty and I couldn't even complete it after 2 goes on easy :P King's Bounty: The Legend plus expansions provides a lengthly campaign. Its true that it doesnt have the replay value of Heroes games but it takes a lot longer to finish. Especially for me since I had to wipe out every creature on every map. I'd say its very easy to pick up on and understand for a Heroes fan, and very easy to enjoy as well.

    A suggestion if you do get it. Story-wise, you'll want to play King's Bounty: The Legend then Orcs on the March. Orcs on the march adds a few things to the Armoured Princess campaign to give it more variety, so playing the vanilla AP is a waste. You may want to try to find some demos if you can, but I'd be pretty sure in saying you'd like it.

    @ Mettyx: Huge font is your friend!
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    Here's something I would love to see implemented from KB into Heroes.

    When it's a unit's turn to move and it shows the area it can move to, if you don't use up all the movement points, you can either continue, stop, or wait at that point. In Heroes, your unit could have a movemement of 8, but if you move just one step, your turn is over. KB has much more tactical options when it comes to combat.
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    Thanks a lot fellas! I will be looking to snag a copy of The Legend and Orcs on the March asap. I take it that Orcs is to AP like ToE was to H5...just get the one and I'll have 'em both? From what you guys say, I'm quite certain I will enjoy them a lot!

    On a different note, I like the H5 map Heritage and have played it at least 100+ times. I set it on heroic and played the orcs. I thought I played rather awesome with the goblin trappers, centaurs, warriors, and a few shaman. (It was all I could afford until I got a capitol near the end of week 3. I got undeniably owned by an invading Sylvan with 2 green dragons, 4 treants, 24 upgraded hunters + like 8 uni's and little guys without barely scratching them. My hero was lvl 7 vs 15 and it wasn't even close. How was that possible by the 4th week to have 2 dragons? He would have had to put it up in the 3rd week? The wood?? The crystals??? The money???? No one owned the gold mines in the center yet. Obviously the computer's resources are not handcuffed when on heroic setting. I do like how the battle AI is a bit smarter. They will run away if outgunned and use way more effective magic. Currently I am trying the map as overpowered undead. I am surviving and on my way but there is at least 1 hero rated "Moderate" who keeps kicking my a$$ due to his luck, initiative, mass haste & righteous might spells, and magic defense. (He is a lvl 17 wizard with 14 titans split 8 &6. I am lvl 20 with 20 wraiths, & 18 ArchLiches that are reduced to 3 before I even get a move no matter how I play it! I believe it's abilities/artifacts are also nerfing my raise dead effectiveness. I'm the one doing the attacking since we are currently near each other on the adventure map. I guess he is steering clear of me due to the power rating but should he attack my main, I will undoubtedly just barely lose which is how it ends up at best . I'm still working on it but it's causing a lot of swear words!!! I will attempt to sack his castle before tangling with that hero next time I load it up. Not sure if my first game was just that unlucky, but to those of you who can whoop that map on heroic; congrats on your play! I'd like to know what faction you played and your strategy!
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    I forgot to tell you about the pet dragon and rage further deepens the already deep game.
    Now when I think about it King's Bounty/Armored Princess is pretty much a better game in every aspect than the entire Heroes series, but graphics are unfortunately outdated.
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    Anyone have Crossworlds installed on Windows 7? I use 64bit, home edition, I often have trouble installing old games.
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