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    What about a Vita release?

    I would buy it again if this happened. How hard could it be to port?

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    It's a really good idea I hope Ubi are reading this thread, opportunity for building the fanbase! In answer to your question it depends on the Vita's architecture, I personally don't see it as much of a problem due to the original being released on the ps2 first, it's more a question of can they be bothered? The Metal Gear Solid HD collection is being ported to the Vita.

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    I agree

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    they're talking about the PS Vita... playstation's new handheld. it's got near ps3 graphics, wifi, etc. etc. pretty cool little gadget. i actually just bought one a couple weeks ago. very expensive, but very cool.

    anyway, yeah, i'd love to BG&E on it, but i'd say it's highly unlikely unless they start allowing ps2 or ps3 games to be playable on it. right now all you can do is play ps1 games via remote play. would be nice to port my BG&E HD to my vita and play on it.

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    It is really good actually, my friend find it bit uncomfortable because they are not used to this game, but I personally I don't find any problem with it, I found it more cool and smart. It's vita architecture, there would no need to worry about the game.

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