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    Animus hack once you get it can be used from anywhere on the map. And 9 kills without dying is easy if you just play defense.\

    Edit: Zombie Izzard, the reason we call people noobs when complaining about teleport is because there is a plethora of ways to beat it:

    Counter teleport(run up past were they teleported and you will tele right in front of them)
    Border defense
    Cutting them off
    Sprint boosting when they teleport to catch them(never tried it but could work)
    Have someone always attacking so if they teleport they can cut them off easily
    Animus hack

    You know the counters for gun?
    Hope for a big map, with lots of roofs
    Hope they miss
    Throwable smoke(if they are idiots)

    I remember in the WHU scrims I killed about 6 and got about 4 more artifact stealers killed by using teleport throwing knives in one game. If I had used gun the other team would have to have all of their teammates rush me, and hope they dont get shot. People who complain about Teleport are insane because of all the ways to counter it(If they are able to teleport back to their base, that means you didnt stop em quickly enough). I will be the first to admit a gunning team is not unbeatable, but god damn is it a boring and pointless match that will usually end 0-0 or 1-0. Gun Should not be included, simply because of how large its affect on the game mode is. People say Teleport ruins the game mode, but in reality it only ruins it for artifact campers who have no idea what they are doing. Gun COMPLETELY changes the pace of the mode, and requires luck to even have a chance to win.
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    Originally Posted by Zoidberg747 Go to original post
    Animus hack once you get it can be used from anywhere on the map. And 9 kills without dying is easy if you just play defense.
    You forget stuns also set back you kill streak now. So getting 9 kills without getting stunned is a bit of a stretch even with kill buffer. You can also be killed or stunned while doing your hacking and it only last 30's. Plus you atleast have to be in line of sight. So chances are the person will only get one hack per game.
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    @zombie_izzard grab some of your friends and ill grab mine then you try and take the artifact when our entire team is using guns..... I guarantee you it wont end up very well... and thats exactly what will happen once a team has more artifacts than the other, they will all come out with guns because points dont matter, and they will shoot anyone who crosses the border..... LOL there is no counter to a gun besides hiding behind a wall, muting, knifing, or throwing smoke bomb, all of which take waaaaayy more time than the gun takes to focus. With kill buffer and camping on buildings it is very easy for a good player to get at least 2 animus hacks a game.

    @McDudes Im not saying that it should be removed because its overused but because as I said, it has the capability to literally shut down a team entirely meaning if one team takes the lead EVERYONE can whip out guns and it will be nearly impossible for the opposite team to score unless like 3 gunshots miss or an entire team is there to eat bullets then pick up the dropped artifact. Animus hack is removed because it is very easy for someone to accumulate a 9 killstreak and with the hack they can then literally run straight at the artifact hacking anyone coming near and then run back almost all the way hacking anyone who has a chance of catching him.... Yeah i am worried with teleport and siena but ill see how the map is constructed for Artifact Assault and I may just not allow games played on Siena.

    Anyway, why is this still an argument If you want to complain about the rules message me via XBOX live: TXI RAVEN ELITE
    otherwise stop complaining about the rules because they are what they are. If you will not be joining the tournament, why are you even complaining. I have done the research and the testing so TRUST MY DECISIONS please.
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    Is the map pack out now? Havent played in a while. I think Siena may just be a no go, even without teleport that map would not work for AA.
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    Mc Dudes's Avatar Senior Member
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    The mappack is out next weak!
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    Originally Posted by AwkwardlyBruta Go to original post
    Smoke doesn't cancel teleport, they will teleport coughing.....
    If you throw it as soon as they activate it,yes,it stops them.If you wait,no,it will not.Ask any of my clan or the WHU.I use that tactic plenty,and it works.If you want,Ill show you.
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    Originally Posted by zombie_izzard Go to original post
    I find it funny (and a bit hypocritacal) that the ones who basically said to the people who complained about teleport in AA "Herp derp l2p noob" are now saying the Hidden Gun of all things is unfair in the game mode because they are to lazy or can't think of a way to counter the ability. Or are even the same ones who defended or said smoke poision was fair. Oh well your little tournament your rules I suppose. Though I am actually curious to see a competitive AA match that doesn't involve teleport at all. Not because I think its cheap or anything, I fully believe that if the game gives you the ability then use it however you wish, but because its basically in everyones AA set now. And no I'm to lazy to make another topic on just my 2 cents.
    Go to Zoidberg's YT.Teleport is REALLY easy to counter.Unless its Souk,where you can toss a smoke and teleport to the opposite side.PS: That is why we will never play AA on Sienna
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    Still find it hilarious that your getting your panties in a bunch over a gun. All I'm saying is there are more ways to counter gun. Like maybe not being so obvious when trying to catch flags? Send in decoys (whether team mates) or actually decoys and have them shoot them while stealthily stealing the artifact. I never claimed to be an top level player so no I won't take you up on your offer. Just find it ironic that when most people claim somethings OP or makes a game unfair or "to hard" yet turn around and go "WAH WAH the guns unfair". This coming from a person that's never used the gun in AA sense the gun is just like it is in STA. I'm sure if the gun was such a plague on this mode everyone would be using it. In fact I'd only seen two people use it in this mode and they failed at it. Then again that's just from my POV. I avoid the competitive scene's in most games like a fat person avoids stairs. But this has been entertaining thanks.
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    If you avoid the competive scenes,then why did you waste your time on a TOURNAMENT page? Thanks for the views.And yeah,your obiviously not top player.Stealth in AA would never work.Unless you use teleport,but WAHHAWAHH A EASY-COUNTER ABILITY IS TOO HARD! And plenty of randoms use guns.Please,think about where your commenting at before you do it.Raven,I am seriously wondering why I agreed to help lead this
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    Yeah, cause a decoy is not going to be obvious to someone who knows what they are doing. The Stealth idea works in theory, but eventually they will see your blend group on the compass, and at the very least kill every one of your personas. If you mean stealthily approach the flag and then run, then you will once again get shot. Like I said im not crying saying the Gun is OP, but in THIS mode it will COMPLETELY change the pace and make each match extremely low scoring and/or a stalemate. I would love to just gun/teleport in the tourney, but I guarantee you that would not be fun for the enemy team.

    On topic, so far SP has put together are (tentative) team:
    TXI Raven Elite

    We also have clans like WHU and TR making teams. We are hoping VAA, WLP, BRMS, Reckoners and other big clans will represent themselves as well.

    Also depending on the number of entrants, I MIGHT offer up a little microsoft points as a prize, and maybe even a youtube tribute or shoutout or something. So get signed up!
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