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    Welcome to ACR (4v4) Artifact Assault Tournament:TEAM SPOTS NOW OPEN!!!!

    (XBOX 360)

    Just recently, me and my clan mates scrimmed against a fellow group of competitive players in AC:R Artifact Assault and the end result was one of the most exciting, strategic, and suspenseful moments I have ever had on any Assassins Creed game. Such a refreshing and competitive outlook on this game mode has inspired me to create a fun little tournament for honor, glory, and bragging rights. This by no means is a clan only tournament and anyone that can assemble a four man team and if necessary a few back-ups.

    -Teams are responsible for scheduling their own matches

    -Each match consists of a best 2 out of 3 series.

    -All matches are expected to be completed by a little more than a weeks time, the team who cannot be contacted or fails to comply to a date will forfeit the game

    -If a team is short players and no substitute can be found, the game must be rescheduled or the team will forfeit.

    -All ties result in the game not counting toward the number of games played. For example if you play 3 games and all 3 are ties you still must continue playing until one team achieves two wins.

    -All abilities, loss streaks, killstreaks, etc. are permitted except for the Hidden Gun and any type of Animus Hack. Sorry, these two aren't exactly overpowered but the overall experience of the game is somewhat tarnished by the over-usage of these two abilities/streaks.

    -Unsportsmanlike attitudes will not be tolerated, there is no need to rage at people for the sake of a little tournament

    -It is the responsibility of all teams to do lag-test matches and to make sure all abilities work. If a match is laggy both team leaders can agree to replay the match during or after a game. Although I dont know what winning team would want to replay a match they just won, so make sure you test how laggy your lobby is and adjust hosts accordingly.

    - The maps are what the maps are, unless both teams are discontent with the maps given and are willing to create a new lobby in order to play on a different map, the map randomly selected stands.

    -I ask that you upload a video of your games or take a picture of the score and post it in the thread fallowing your games. You may also just post the results but its a lot more credible if you post a picture or a video

    -Sorry, but no Microsoft Point prizes will be given, unless someone else i willing to lay the money on the table

    I probably missed a few rules but its like 3 am and I just want to get this thread posted.

    I will be randomly selecting team seeds with an online generator and setting up a bracket, hopefully, via photobucket. Otherwise I will make it with a google docs version of Microsoft Excel viewable by all.

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    Why no gun?
    I mean you can pick up the artifact after a teammate has been shot.
    And inorder to get a hack you have to get AT LEAST 7 kills/stuns, or start a one time loss streak, also a teammate could just pick back up your artifact if you get hacked. :P
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    If Hidden gun or Animus hacks aren't allowed, Teleport shouldn't be allowed either
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    *hides from the up and coming ability hate*
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    Npetz24's Avatar Member
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    Why no gun?? cuz thats all people do is wait on roofs and shoot people!! Wheres the fun in that?? SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!! its called skill, PLEASE get some! (not you brutal) but you know what I mean. It s a damn shame soooo many people use it! whether you agree or not? Gun has totally taken over ACR in every mode! its really a shame and has taken the WHOLE IDEA of stealth. Might as well call COD Revelations!!
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    Originally Posted by Chronomancy Go to original post
    *hides from the up and coming ability hate*
    Well, it's true, Teleport is as bad as Hidden Gun,

    Originally Posted by pantherthug89 Go to original post

    -All abilities, loss streaks, killstreaks, etc. are permitted except for the Hidden Gun and any type of Animus Hack. Sorry, these two aren't exactly overpowered but the overall experience of the game is somewhat tarnished by the over-usage of these two abilities/streaks.

    Teleport is also overused, and it's just as game-tarnashing

    @Npetz24: Using the Hidden gun DOES take still, if you don't aim long enough, the shot could miss. Every game mode? Maybe Team modes, but I rarely see it in Free-for-all...except for that one game of Wanted. *cringes* The only FFA mode I've seen/used it in is STA, and one or two games of Corruption
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    Originally Posted by teh_prince2376 Go to original post
    Well, it's true, Teleport is as bad as Hidden Gun,
    Nah, Teleport is worse (more awesome!), instead of only being able to use it for defense, teleport can be used for offense, defense, and showing off.

    What I don't get is chances are only the top 10% of players are probably going to join this, it's not like the multiplayer forums is filled with noobs, I mean if someone is going to use gun it's because they use it for a certain reason, not just "Cos it gets kills", Gun is important because it offers area denial, it is a hard counter to every ability given enough range (short of knives), for the price of a long cooldown, and a chance for the ability to fail outright. It's stupid to limit abilities in something unless you think it could SHUT DOWN a team I see no reason why any ability should be limited because "It's overused by most people" because chances are if someone here uses it, it's because it's part of their style/skill set, or a plan.
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    i made the decisions because

    1. All it means is that you can capture the Artifact once or twice, everyone puts on a gun and its near impossible to get the artifact cleanly against good players...

    2. It just takes away from the experience, my clan and WHU played actual competitive AA trying to win, not score points and the gun just takes away from the overall experience, sure defense is easier but it is far less interesting, competitive, and fun for that matter.

    3. Your right Awkwardly it offers an area of denial and counters almost all abilities thats exactly why it should be prohibited from AA competitive games because if you are up by a few artifacts everyone can flip on a gun and with good players can deny almost all areas of approach.

    4. Not to do with gun but teleport: Teleport is actually not that difficult to stop. For one dont have everyone sit on top of the artifact so he can smoke teleport, have someone near the border or in a cutoff position, you can try and throwing knife him or even mute before he actually teleports, or you can counter-teleport and if he smoke-teleported he cannot defend himself with any abilities.

    Trust me on this one guys we tested it in game

    If you want to see what a real competitive match without guns is like watch these:

    Also please promptly end the teleport-gun-hack argument, if you want to argue please do it on a different thread, or just dont join the tournament
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    All I'm saying is, Distance crafted Teleport = worse then Hidden gun, cause then they just Teleport to their base and easily score, although yes, Throwing Knives or Mute can stop it, if you're quick enough and are able to lock on to them while they are in their smoke, plus if the opposite team is is near the border, it'll be almost impossible to get through to the Artifact carrier

    This post is not meant to further fan the flames of the Teleport-Gun-Hack arguement, it is to state facts
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    State the facts in a private message?

    This thread is all about the particular tournament... If you are willing to unaccept the rules move on.
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