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    Imagine Town Not Working

    My daughter has tried for three days to get onto Imagine Town and the website won't let her.

    What is REALLY frustrating is that you have to start completely over again, ONLY to find that at the end it says the same message again, "You can not create an account at this time".

    What is wrong with this site? Has anyone else had this frustrating experience?

    If this is the way you design your websites, you can bet we will not be coming back to any of the Ubisoft websites in the future.

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    I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue.

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    Imagine Town
    Maybe becuase The shut down on january 31

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    Exclamation Problems...

    Please don't be mad, as the moderators and creators of this site do as much as they can not only to keep this site running but to also make sure that every girl on it is safe and feels safe.

    I have much respect for you as I know you are older than me and I'm just "a kid", so I'm not going to tell you that "you're not being fair" or that "you're being, like, totally rude" because I honestly don't feel that way.
    I'm sure that a worker from Ubisoft would help you if you sent in a support ticket. There's a thread. If you click below, it will take you to that page.
    If that doesn't work, then I'm sorry I couldn't help.
    I hope this problem is resolved soon, though I don't know of anyone else who has this problem.

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