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    Question Freighters Carry Depth Charges?

    TMO. November '43. Was getting gang-banged by three escorts so I waded into the gaggle of freighters to throw off escort sensors and maybe force a collision. Was workin' it hard to stay directly under a freighter. The hydrophone was doin' a pretty good job of updating so I'm sure there was no escort in range to depth charge me. I hear 5 maybe 6 depth charge drops. I don't worry or evade cuz I'm stickin to my plan of staying under a freighter until I can drop out. I figure the escorts are takin' pot shots tryin' to ferret me out. Suddenly, loud explosions and screams for the medic. What gives? Did freighters start carrying depth charges during the war?
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    Escorts can and will make a run right down the side of a freighter.

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    I think both TMO and RSRD have one merchant reworked to be a Q-ship of sorts. I can't recall the name, but a small freighter, seems it has 4 Y guns, 4 deckguns
    and of course sonar. Seems it mostly patrols the entry to Tokyo, but could be other places.

    What happened to you doesn't sound like a Qship, just lots of escorts and they will throw charges near merchants, but if you're directly under one, shouldn't be a problem.
    It's hard to stay directly under a merchant that could be zigging, etc..
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    I have been depth charged by freighters playing RFB
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