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    Real Tone Cable Problem.

    My Rocksmith cable just randomly stopped working about a week and a half ago. My guitar works just fine with my amp, so I have no problems with my guitar.
    I've had the cable and the game since Christmas. Now doesn't work with my 360 or my laptop anymore.

    The only time it does anything on my laptop is when I plug it in my amp's output and turn the volume up; but then it's very staticy and cuts in and out; I doubt the game would easily work with that signal.

    My guitar's volume and tone knobs are turned to max, and the jack has been tightened twice.

    I just need to know if I can fix the real tone cable before I go out and buy a new one, thanks for reading.

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    Senior Member bradiam's Avatar
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    I haven't looked, but i am sure there is a customer support number somewhere, and i would call them.

    Two things to remember with CS people:

    1) Be very polite, they are just doing a job.
    2) Never accept a "No" from someone not authorized to say "yes".

    If you have a legitimate claim, and they say there is nothing they can do, as to talk to a supervisor. If they say no, go above them. These folks are paid to deflect claims. They're doing a bad job if they don't try to dissuade you. Don't give up. If you bought a cable it should work, and most companies will try to make you happy.

    I once, after having three broken dressers delivered, had to call the president of Rooms To Go, in order to get things done. Hopefully you don't have to go that far.

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    If you got the game less than a month ago, most retailers would still allow an exchange for a good one... you might check that out before buying a new cable.

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    But, it does sound like the cable is toast.
    Guitar audio cables are not nearly as tough as controler cables and such, due to internal shielding ect..

    Rock On !

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    One thing to think of is if you buy the game @BB you can get an extended warranty and they will replace the cable/game at the store no questions asked.

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    If you are plugging the cable into your amps output you have most likely damaged the cable. A guitars output signal is very low voltage, an amps output signal is many times that. I doubt the Real Tone Cable is designed to carry that strong of a signal.

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    It would have been extremely short-sighted of them to not put a voltage suppressor on the cable to prevent it from being damaged in such a way.

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    new plugs....

    I actually had a problem where it sounded like I was touching the jack which wentaway when wiggling the cable just after the jack. I cut the cheap moulded ******* and soldered a nice neutric one on in it's place, cable now works again and I would almost go as far as to say the cable now sounds better and more clear in game. Obviously I have voided any sort of warranty but my cable is fixed and I can now start enjoying my game again after waiting endlessly for game to get more copies in stock.
    Hope this helps others with the same issue, obviously I am competent with a soldering iron and I know how a plug is wired/ had a plug lying around.

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    Had the same issue here, it stopped working, windows won´t identify it anymore, there was nothing I could do about it. Since I bought this cable at a US online store, which only gave me 1 month Warranty, which expired of course, then I asked Ubbi for help. Not in these words, but they pretty much meant it " Oh you have a problem? Then YOU have a problem, not us, have a nice day!!! Really, after that, I am not buying another one until someone assures me that they have improved quality. I have P10 cables that last for years, how come a cheap made cable like that only last three months? That´s a shame really, good thing I play this at a computer, then there´s always a work around to keep playing right?

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    Remember to double check the place the cable plugs together in the middle. That connection can come loose sometimes.

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