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    Regiment/Squadron insignia

    I made some of my own squad insignia and badges and put them in the Regiments folder in my game folder, but I don't seem them available to use in the game. The images are .bmp format and flat etc. etc. What did I miss and what do I do to be able to use them? I wanted to use them on 109s and RAF aircraft.
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    No one has any suggestions at all?
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    I would suggest renaming them to Regiment/Squadron Names that already exist in the game. Preferably ones you wouldn't normally use. Make copies of everyhting 1st though.
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    It's been a long time since I played with this stuff, but IIRC it has to be 256 colour .bmp format with exactly the same dimensions as the standard insignia and no spaces or non-alphanumeric characters in the file name. Or do as REDsWINGer suggests.
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    here is an article at M4T site that should help you out with this matter.

    How to make custom unit emblems (Article #506 Page 1)

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