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    ACR Black screen error

    Hello friends, I have some problems in my ACR. I can't open my game regularly. When I want open game, firstly Ubigamelauncher open, then i am sing in, after click play. But nothing happening. Only black screen. When i open task manager i saw "ACRSP.exe not responding". I searched that problem, and found something. One guy, has written "Open ACR with compatibility mode (Win95/98)" But when i open that game same it the sounds are shifting. The game is straining. So Help me! How can I solve this problem. May I update game?
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    My system is:
    -Intel core 2 duo P8700 2.53GHZ
    -4GB RAM
    -Nvidia GT 230M 1GB graphic card.
    -Windows 7 32bit
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    A good place to start would be with updating the display drivers over at You can definitely try compatibility mode, however it should run fine in Win 7 compatibility. If anything you can try running compatibility mode for XP. Since it shows as not responding, you may also want to take a look at some of the other programs running on the system. Try minimizing the amount of background applications you have running when attempting to play the game.
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    @FredEx919 My graphic driver is current. I close every background applications. And I tried every compatibility mode. Only run in win95 and win98. I found a video. What do you think about it? May i try it? And this method will damage the originality of my game?
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