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    It would be great i the character limit in group discussions could be increased because 1000 isn't really all that much (especially when URLs and stuff are involved)...

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    Would be good to add the [spoiler] tag, that can be opened by pushing on ****on (very useful when posting big images).

    UPD: and improve the filthy language filter . It was the "b u t t o n" word in the upper sentence.
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    Co-op split screen Campaign Please !!

    Can anybody tell me why is there NO Split screen Co-op offline Campaign in Ghost Recon Future Soldier... i think playing co-op Campaign (Split Screen) with your best friend beside you, is MUCH better than playing co-op with 4 faceless other word i like to see&show the excitement when we take a sync shot's , i want to give high five to my buddy for watching my back(covering me).
    Long story short,
    To whom its concerned. Please allow 2 player split screen offline co-op Campaign...Lot's of people want it like this ..this is going to be a great addition to the game trust me...

    PS- Please reply soon !!
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    Hi, this is the incorrect forum for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, the correct forum is here

    Split screen is only available in the Guerrilla mode for two players.

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    Hi sorry i need help. i bought assasins creed revelations and ghost recon future soldier in england, pal version, can i use this games in a ntsc console or country!!!! help plse!!!

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