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    Why does only one question show up on a multi-question poll? This poll I made had like 15-20 questions, it shows only one of them that was like in the middle of the poll.


    And for these long URL's how do we change it so we can put the url with a title so it'd be like click HERE <with "here" as the link. i can't seem to be able to do it on this new design but I had no problems with the old design.

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    The default font is definitely too small, I think it needs to be at least 12 or 13px and not the 11px it's now. I'm also not a fan of the dark background being used here, compare it to this vbulletin demo for example: The latter is just way easier to read, and it's also a fluid layout compared to the fixed width on this forum. I assume the colours are still going to change, but the fluid layout would be nice as well. Other than that it should end up being a huge improvement over the old forums. I also noticed those horrible Facebook/Twitter adds seem to be gone. That's good, I hope you don't add them again later on.
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    1) Font is too small, it's damaging my eyes, and I can't have that, and I need my eyes for my line of work.
    2) Where are the PTs? all the PTs are gone, and it seems we can't have multiple members PTs anymore :/ please fix that, how are we supposed to chill out with a bunch of friends and just chat without having mods telling us we're breaking the rules?
    3) Forums lost their respective game's individuality
    4) Emoticons are weird looking, and too few in number
    5) It seems we can't hyperlink to a word or two anymore :/

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    I like the overall forum representation. Finally a new forum software in years.
    I like that you can now add friends on the forum.

    Like some have already mentioned the reply button and quick reply button do the same function. This is a bug. You should also have the option for new smiley faces to add. There's none of that. Even after clicking the Advanced button.

    I don't really fancy the full black skin to be honest. It's neat, but it reminds me of Windows Vista, which I don't like, lol.
    Now one thing however, I am missing which I really liked about the Ubisoft forums before was the fact that under each forum category for every different game there was a skin of the actual game.

    For example I loved the Far Cry 3 forum skin. Far Cry 2 had sunset. I want to see a skin with Far Cry 3, for Chessmaster section for example, Chess board with pieces, for Assassins Creed, Ezio and so on. We see it at the top with that banner. Love it, but that's only good for the main presentation of the forum.

    The forum skin was one of the best part of it. We can see here there's a background skin but it's like an ocean blue sort of thing. We need something like that across all sectors of the game forums with their own skin for every game. I hope they're reinstated again.

    Cos right now it's kinda confusing, you don't know which section is which. And for me it's confusing especially for someone who's used the Ubisoft forums for the last 9 years to see a such a drastic change all of a sudden is hard getting used to. Please add the forum skins of the actual game, it will look much better and more complete!

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    Font to small? Just press Strg (or Ctrl) and move mouse wheel carfully

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    Yeah you can do that but you can't do it every time, it's a hassle to keep increasing the zoom especially if you regularly visit these forums. That's something that needs fixing too. That's pretty small the size of ants. Considering I am using a 24 inch monitor, what about those with 17 inch monitors? They'll see them even smaller!

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    Impressions? Meh

    Personally, after all the changes the Ubisoft forums have gone through, I still maintain the stand that the ORIGINAL incarnation, the one that was active when I first came here, was the absolute best layout I've ever seen on any forums. Clean, crisp, and uncluttered. I dislike how every forum is identical in theme, and how overall this setup is very standard with forums in general.

    I expect many ones to leave, mostly due to the unfounded removal of Private Messages. And yet at the same time, there will be many who enjoy this new layout, and certainly new members will be added. But overall, I consider this 'upgrade' to be one step forward, two steps back.

    /Gopher out

    PS: Yo everyone

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    I both like it and dislike the changes.. first off, im a big fan of the eve forums thing, ive always thought that they were much nicer looking then the old one Ubi had was.
    BUT a few things...
    1) Text sizes. I personally can read everything just fine, but i can easily see why many people are complaining about it being very small, so maybe bump it up a size or two.
    2) I cant log in with my old account.... no matter what i try it keeps telling me my password is wrong. In addition to that, i cant even reach the log in screen on my laptop as every time i try it says ive used up one of my 5 password attempt... (Ive tried resetting my password, if people suggest that, although im contemplating trying it a second time...)
    3) The text limit shouldnt be set at 1000 words.... thats not very much and i know in the past i have written well over that in a single post before.
    4) The old style PM system is gone D: I dont mind the emaily system eve uses for the typically PMs, but i loved being able to have PM threads with multiple people (to be honest thats one of the few reasons i still come back to the ubisoft site is to chat with people from over the years in them and rarely to actually view the games forums) Yes theyre are groups (which i actually really like the idea of) but they are always visible to the public regardless of them being private or public (invite only vs. public) which is somewhat annoying. I think that hiding the private groups to people that arent in them would be much better and then leaving the public ones open to anyone.

    With all that said, i look forward to seeing where the forums go


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    1. font is way too small, it makes my eyes bleed.
    2. the new pm system stinks. I liked the old private thread one better.
    3. each game forum should look different, or atleast have different banners which clearly states at which game forum you are.
    4. I liked the old smileys better :< (mainly because of the bigger variety)

    All in all, I liked the old forums better. Maybe it was a bit old fashioned, but it felt more functional and clear to me.

    Well, to atleast say something positive about the new design... I like that it's dark. Light colors on a pc screen gives me migraine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MCMonobrow View Post
    The blue swirl background is only temporary, as a <b>design agency </b> is currently working on a new theme.
    you are joking? A design agency? Nobody at Ubi who could make a background? All gone?
    But I like this blue swirl. Looks spacy. Whole forum very fashionable.

    (Separate font size regulation needed. Not the whole table. )

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