you many have played all games of this series a 100 times,
you may have the collector 's edition of all titles,
u may even dress up like one of the splinter cells,
but no man can write something like this...

200 people in a place;
guarding it brought disgrace.

To a mighty nuclear armed nation;
Workin without any emotion.

Then at the gate rings a bell;
Which indicates the lurking fate.

200 people to be killed by splinter cell;
Who has brought with him hate.

The one guard says "All is well";
He s the first to be killed by splinter cell.

The other guard while he takes a gun;
Is shot in the head like a piece of bun.

The third guard angry,his face is red;
But a splinter cell lands on his head.

4 people break door and come dashing;
On their heads,the light comes crashing.

Over the balcony as a guard peeks;
Throwing him down the ninja sneaks.

1 guard shouts "U think u r smart?";
The ninja shoots his friend n makes him fart.

The remaining say "Its all over soocker";
comes a grenade to kill these mother****ers.

As the last man tries to escape;
From the dark comes a face;
Grabs the guard and makes him disgraced.

The guard asks "Why ring your own death bell";
The man says bcoz "He s a splinter cell".