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    Please outside people keep this thread friendly, and dont post negative things to make this thread get closed, moderators I beg you not to close it

    Vittoria Agli Assassini Roster

    Leader - giaquinto718 - (Assassini's Scary Bolly Dub) -

    Co-Leader - EvilEyeAssassin (Nickname Not Yet Chosen)

    VAA Captains

    ManicDragonfang - Assassinate Captain - (Assassini's Grim Reaper)
    Wanted Captain - (TBD)
    Nick Nitrous7 - Domination Captain - (Assassini's Rick Righteous) -
    Awkwardly Brutal - Escort Captain - (Assassini's Deceiver) -
    Manhunt Captain - (TBD)

    The Rest of the Assassini!!

    EvilWilShire - (Assassini's Vulture)
    Antho101 - (Assassini's Grizzly Adams) -
    RaininStormwake - (Assassini's Maelstrom) -
    DigDug510 - (Assassini's Kevlar)
    trikky d - (Assassini’s EagleEye) -
    Nostalgie CGN - (Assassini's Goddess of Mischief) -
    Mcdudes - (Assassini’s Bird Of Hermes)
    XxEVIL ASSASSIN - (Assassini's Brutalise) -
    wints22 - (Assassini's Richard Parker)
    Apexx27 - (Assassini's Krato's) -
    Jester xBWx - (Assassini’s Typhoon)
    Tha Fazz - (Assassini's Workaholic)
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    ohhh and P.S

    for those of you who message me give me in the msg your top 2 modes along with your locale so we can setup a time and choose which mode will try you guys out on

    also heads up to current Assassini members lynx19eighty5 from ps3 wishes to tryout for the clan, and msged me with his interest. He showed me his gameplay he's a great player if anyone can please try and be on monday if you can so we can setup some mystery box scrimming that lynx can be apart of it .(if you cant no worries I'll just play some ranked with him)

    For those of you who arent familiar with mystery box scrimming its what I proposed in hkp in which we start out with a mode than after that mode is played the player who does best has the right to pick the mode and map.

    If there are teams than that player can also be a team captain or hand his captain status down to the player of his or her choice, the 2nd captain is the 2nd best scoring player.

    Why is it called mystery box scrimming? because you never know what mode, map or team combo (given its a team mode) will be next!

    Its a very enjoyable and diverse way of scrimming that I love. Hope you can all make it!. If so Monday around 5,6 est might be perfect but i'll talk to lynx about what time monday is perfect.
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    Am house sitting from saturday but I !should! be able to be online but connection speed is an unknown.
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    dont stress it!!!! do it only if u can!

    if it does happen it'll be great, i think youd be phenomenal at all the other modes you dont play manic, espically manhunt, I think well all learn from each other!
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    Played with everyone on your clan, very good players. Good luck man! Would you be willing to be allies with OT?
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    I'd always be willing to help with tryouts if you don't have enough clan mates that are able to participate. I know I'm not officially V.A.A. and tryout slots should be reserved first for V.A.A. members but if there's a gap or you need another player, let me know.
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    Nice man! You got some really good players so far and hope it all goes well for you. Im actually shocked cuz you went back to HKP a few weeks ago right? But either way both clans will be very good. Nice clan name too!
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    I'd love to be allies if thats what you guys tlked about and desired thank you


    due to the enjoyment of always having fun playing with you regardless of you not being in a clan you're more than welcome to hep me with any tryouts if I dont have enough players on

    you can join in scrims as well, you should know I would treat you like one of my own because you're a long time friend on here!

    thank you

    @Evil Eye

    Thank you for the compliments, I went back to HKP but it just wasnt for me, if your ever curious to why we can talk about it anytime over XBL.

    As far as the members in HKP they have been nothing but happen at my decision to do this and that makes my high respect bar even higher for those of them I have friendships with. They are true friends.

    I'm glad you're on my friends list you're a solid guy and a good person and I defintely recommend anyone looking at this if you have no interest here J2H is another good clan with a big family type vibe to it.
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    Aw, thanks Gia. You know I have a blast playing with you as well. You're one of the friends who I know would never let clan affiliation get in the way of a friendship and it's great to know that. Wishing you the best with this clan- let me know if I can help in any way, shape, or form!
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    thank you Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nothing changes dont look at me any different! well still play when you wana

    And thank you, I'll let you know if I needd anything!
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