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    my gamertag is TXI RAVEN ELITE on the Xbox360

    My best game modes are Alliance and Wanted, I used to be within the top 100 in Alliance but now that its near impossible to get into a game I havent played it in several months and have gotten into Wanted.

    I also was once a officer in the clan TXI which had around 500 members and co-lead a division, so I have officer experience if thats what your looking for.
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    @ TXI Raven

    you are more than welcome to tryout

    as far as the remaining officer positions those have to be earned by showing advanced skill in the mode that you wish along with a friendly attitude to carry that officer role!

    I will be deciding officers once this clan fills up. Its only been one day im proud to say we have 8 great members!
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    Vittoria Agli Assassini Roster

    Leader - giaquinto718 (Assassini's Madgod)


    Swami Chuckles - Manhunt Captain - (Assassini's Xena)
    ManicDragonfang - Assassinate Captain - (Assassini's Grim Reaper)

    (Captain Slots for the other modes still open!!)

    The Rest of the Assassini!!

    DeadlySpirit92 - (Assassini's Evil Angel)
    Jibrail - (Assassini's Deathnote)
    EvilWilShire - (Assassini's King Vulture)
    o PAPERROBOT o - (Assassini's Jade)
    Awkwardly Brutal - (Nickname not yet chosen)

    more to come don't be afraid to say anything if your interested!
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    Good Luck Gia. Glad to see you branched out and decided to do your own thing, should make for an intresting addition to the XBL clans, and also give HKP a run for their "Domination" over the rest of us. Hit me up anytime if you would like to do some scrims, we also record matches so should be preety awesome to watch us throw it down from both POV.
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    @ hades

    thank you man!!!!!! what about next week if i get a few more members by than!!!

    @ the community

    I appreciate all the support and msgs about being interested from you guys

    I feel like I've reached out to all the non clan players who I felt like would love to be apart of this, and now I ask that if anyone is interested please dont feel like your not good enough or like I dont wana take time to try you out, just ask
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    @ Gia

    Next weeks good, I had the luxary of assembling most of the Legends so we were able to get up and running quickly, I think we played HKP and SA in our first week and didnt do to bad. I see your getting a preety well rounded crew together, really looking forward to change you guys will be making in the current clan picture. With ROG showing up and you starting your own (finally) things are looking a little better for this multiplayer.
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    @ Hades

    yup back to my old clan leader ways, lmao and like you said "finally", this was always my backup plan, i didnt think i'd get up on my feet with such a good start but i guess people wana give my leadership a shot

    and I appreciate you thinking I'm helping multiplayer by starting this but im glad I can deliver

    But given my roster I think we should be fine for scrims against you guys next week, I'll give my clan the word!
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    Whoops, just re-read my posts. My gamertag is actually tankman986. Gia, am I good to go on Monday at, say, 12:00 PM EST?
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    @ Tank

    what are your top 2 modes??

    and hmmm 12 pm tomorrow

    to tell you the truth I can be on but I'm not sure if any of my members will be. Manic might be and probably DeadlySpirit if shes on that early

    we can see if people sign on but its doubtful are there any other times you can do it?

    @ Knox

    thank you!
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