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    yes yes im soooo happy endwar 2 endwar 2 wait how long till relase november 2009?

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    random do u have xbhox gamertag cause i dont think any1 cares about endwar anymore

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    All I can say is I am so glad that they are making a sequel.

    It looks like they are trying to improve in the areas that they lacked in the first one and I hope that it all comes together in a glorious RTS that everyone will appreciate.

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    that is the best news i've heard in quite some time. i just hope they end up devoting a large team to the development and really work out some of the glitches. not to mention making the servers work properly etc... but i give it a WOO HOO.

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    Wow! Never expected that! :S

    The good:
    -Moar storyline!!
    -Moar depth!!

    The bad:
    -US and EF still enemies, Russians still generic bad guys

    The ugly

    -The developer is still Ubisoft Shanghai

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    OMG! You just made my day!

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    Originally posted by BTR74:
    The bad:
    -US and EF still enemies, Russians still generic bad guys

    The ugly

    -The developer is still Ubisoft Shanghai
    I don't know why you hate the whole EF vs US thing not to mention how do you know that they're enemies and that Russia are the badguys this time?
    Also they said it was a small team so they possible picked out the best individuals they could offer, not to mention it's possible that they haven't forgot a certain Massive Entertainment

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    Woah! I just came on here to check on how everyone's doing and this comes flying at me :O!

    I never thought i would see it, yet I'm happy and disappointed at the same time.

    This better not be a "Change a couple things in gameplay and amp up the graphics and call it a sequal" type of thing that sports games do all too often. There better be something to actually buy the game for.

    And the reason they sold 1.5M copies is because the game continued to lower in price and some people were searching for cheaper games to buy.

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    MOST excellent news!!!!

    I am really excited that they are looking at adding more depth and single player elements to the game!

    Thanks Mike DePlater!

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