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    So... you answered to yourself. Go to shop and buy it, the game is worth of buy :-) Buggy, but worth to buy.
    Are you facing some problems in assassin's creed revelations? Check this faq, maybe there is a solution:
    And here fo Assassin's Creed III game:
    Black Flag:
    Interesting blog i've found some time ago:

    "Devs are aware"!!!!
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    Asking how to get your Pirated game to work on the Official Forums isn't a very smart thing to do. No one is going to help you here. I suggest you purchase the game.
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    I have the same problem in ACR ???
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    Help I same problem too with ACB I Following most of all rules to online but the ACB doesn't work help....!! it was the connection to internetnever reach or system doesn't work???and when I open the UbisoftGameLauncher it say:"Please start the game you want to play instead" and when I open ACB the UbisoftGame Launcher doesn't work too ....??please comment for solution...
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    Quote Originally Posted by macferson1992 View Post
    yup..via torrent...
    how you dare to post here.....
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    i have a worse problem.when i open assassins creed brotherhood it says not responding.whats the solution for it so that i can play in pc?
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    where is "play" and "logout"? when we start ACB we just see "story mode" "option" and bla bla bla. there is no play or logut in there. where is it?
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