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    Simple as this:

    I click on offline mode, and the game still wants me to log in. Log in while offline? :/

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    Simple as this:

    I click on offline mode, and the game still wants me to log in. Log in while offline? :/

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    You only log in to the game client. Not to the internet.

    You only need to login one time, after that you can also login without having an internet connection established.

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    I have installed this game today and after all this pathing etc. I get:

    "Connection to the server has been lost"

    Online or offline - no metter.

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    Can you provide a screenshot?

    Maybe youre router is blocking something?

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    Sure but in Polish :/

    My router... I don't think so.

    Same here:
    last post

    and here:

    There is no way to skip the login? I just want to play single player... For now.

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    Windows Firewall setup?

    Ports that are needed by the game are:
    "3074" and "80"

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Dreepa:
    Windows Firewall setup?

    Turned off.

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    I'm having exactly the same problem. When I try to log in using the very first screen displayed when you get into the game (same as the one shown in Konra162's screenshot), I receive the message: "The connection to the server has been lost".

    I have uninstalled all anti-virus software, disable the windows firewall, re-installed the game and edited my hosts file as suggested in this thread: Anno 2070 error in game-launcher ubisoft but still no luck. I HAVE however been able to connect after installing the game on my boyfriend's PC, without having to disable or modify anything. And we are on the same network, so that seems to rule out network setup problems

    Please help! This problem is popping up elsewhere too:

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    I've connect via mobile internet and it works but I still can't connect "normaly". So this isn't solution. So I have only available Single player options.

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