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Thread: Here's why I returned FC2 to the store on release day. | Forums

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    Hoping for an update. This could turn into a post apocalyptic story like Metro 2033.[/QUOTE]

    I know what you mean. Fc2 could be so good with a simple update or DLC. As for Metro 2033, i had a similar idea, just more... zombie apocalypse. I have a thread running about just that, too.

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    Well I don't belive that one little problem (no splitscreen and no predator) could ruin you'r life.Well that's just sad...(that you lie about such a thing,you say it ruined you'r life,it's like anti-propaganda)I don't like splitscreen,doesn't give me enough space.And I have played Far Cry 1,but only once.And I'm happy Far Cry 2 has a more realistic guerilla-mercenary edge,I don't like sci-fi too much (but sci-fi is still a great thrill).

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    next time you post a thread please don't include your life story because i honestly don't care so stop blaming a game for your problems and get some friends back

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    I DONT think they had it in mind when they started, and unfortunately they are competing with COD and battle field so they dont care about that,they could of tried or mayby they do have it in FARCRY3 but probably not.

    i feel you though

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuZtds_Lst_Stnd View Post
    Keep it civil folks, or lose the right to post here.

    Moving to FC2 forum...
    Lose the right to post? You mean lose your privilege to use the forums.

    I'm not tyring to be a jerk, but I want to make sure that people understand it is a privilege not a right.

    Saying that they have a right to post here, while saying I can take it from you is kinda of a ironic statement. The reason for this response is to help you in the future from someone saying," Well a moderator said I have the right to use this forum, so you cannot ban me."
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