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    I finished Sequence 7 Memory 3 "The Renegade".
    I stopped playing and now when I restart, I am in Constantinople.
    I can't find a way back to Cappadocia.
    The boat icons just shuttle me between the Galata and Imperial districts.
    I found articles about a boat in the southeast of Galata, but those are in reference to having finished Sequence 7. Nothing in regards to my issue.

    Am I missing the boat somehow? I know there are no new icons on the map.

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    Ok, so I found my answer here.

    Basically, there is a bug where if you haven't finished Sequence 7 yet but stop playing, you can't go back when you start again.
    Basically, you are going to get stuck in the storyline.

    So unless Ubisoft actually releases a patch for this issue, you're only option is to start playing again.

    Just for kicks, I've included the response I got from Ubisoft email support, because it shows they don't really understand the concept of "support".

    -- begin response (from Jason the idiot) --
    Response Via Email(Jason) - 12/05/2011 06:06 PM

    Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Technical Support. Unfortunately, the issue you are having is related to general gameplay hints and tips that is either covered in the manual, or is available via another source such as the Ubisoft forums (

    You may be able to find hints, tips, and walkthroughs for this game for free by visiting fan led websites such as and
    -- end response --
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    I'm having the same problem, only to me it happend after Memory 2 in Sequence 7. So at the moment I'm stuck in Constantinople, I tryed replaying the Memory 1 and 2 in hope it would put me back to Cappadocia but it didn't.

    So anyone any tips or advice how I could get back to Cappadocia to continue the storyline? And no, there is no ferry.

    Doesn't look like recovering the previous savegame is an option.
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    ok I found a roundabout by synchronising my old savegame with uplay. My old savegame got me to the last Memory on Sequence 6.

    Of course this is useless if the bug occurs again at memory 2 or 3 in sequence 7 : /
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    I'm guessing you are on a PC then, since I don't have that option on the xbox.
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    I did the same thing, but im on memory 3. So pretty much you have to restart or wait for them to update it & fix it? Or are you better off just restarting?
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    It all depends on how much synch you have. I was over 80% before leaving for the island.

    I picked up all the collectibles, since I didn't know if I would come back (after all, I did blow up the chains to the harbor).

    I really don't want to have to go through all of that and the challenges again, but they haven't released a patch for this in the last week.
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    They just had an update today for the game, did this fix anyone's problem with it? I saved the one game but just started a new one under a new save.. even though im already back to the part i left off ha. just wanna know if its fixed before i contuine n possibly get stuck again.
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    Nope. I just finished saints row the third, so I fired up ACR again, got the update and...
    Still stuck in Constantinople without a paddle.
    Time to move on to Uncharted 3.
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    I'm having this issue as well, I beat Sequence 7 Memory 1 and I quit, when my game loaded up again I ended up in Constantinople "without a paddle" back to Cappadocia. I can't continue my story to play Memory 2. Seeing how others are having this same problem in Memories 2, 3 and 4, and finding a number of forums with simliar concerns, it is clearly not an isolated incident. I had the issue on Xbox, what about you all?

    If anyone is still having issues with this, please call Ubisoft Customer Support at 919-460-9778 or send a message through I informed them and I got the same automatically generated response as CptCave, but the phone support is more helpful. They are making a note of it and informing the higher ups, hopefully for a download update/patch for the game. Please contact them and let them know you are having this issue so they can create an update soon! For example, tell them that a boat should pop up if you start any mission in Sequence 7. If enough people contact them, they'll create the update sooner I'm sure. I saw in the PC version that there is a ship to Cappadocia -, but maybe it's not popping up on consoles unless you beat them game completely, which is ridiculous. The only other option is to delete the game and start over? That's insane, who does that?
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