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    i what to know which fighter bomber are the best.

    I don't mean the fighter bomber that shoots rockets i mean the one who drops bombs like Gyppys and JU87(the german fighter bomber)
    and sparviero(i think they drop bombs to)

    I don't know other fighter bomber that drops bombs instead of rockets so i wonder with of them make most damage?

    I don't know but i think Guppy is good bc it just drop its **** high up in the sky like a bird the don't get close on the ground like JU87, and the Guppy have speed to.

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    Senior Member Redbanana27's Avatar
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    The Stuka (JU87) kills armour 4 in 2 hits.

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    The Typhoon is way better than the Stuka. I'm just joking. The Stuka has to be the best. When enemy spams them in 1939, your armor has no chance.

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    Rockets don't matter really since most of them are so ******* expensive. Two stukas do more damage than one typhoon for example, one stuka does more damage than a Thunderbolt etc.

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    Stuka why?

    1. Their pack a punch.

    2. They can take damage.

    3. Their 20 bucks, thats cheap. If you lose a typhoon that hurts if you lose a Stuka, meh.

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    Cheap, fast good as a fighter substitute and you can spend $50 to get a proper fighter-bomber.

    The Stuka for me just takes too long to attack and is too vulnerable when you can rely on more powerful ground units.

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    Stuka's never miss there bombs, thats kinda nice. also they have a diffrent diving animation making alot of runs easyer and safer. and on top of that they are damm cheap.

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    But what about Sparviero?
    And the Guppy the don't get close to ground like Stukas so they should be hard for AA to hit a plan that drops bombs hight up in sky or dosent it matter how high a plan is in the game?

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    all planes have the same amount of health, and height doesn't matter.

    Sparviero sucks.

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    hurricane. I hopefully don't need to explain if i do shame on you.

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