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    does anynew know if they're going to make end of ages for xbox 2, playstation 3, or the new nintendo? or is it just for the pc?

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    does anynew know if they're going to make end of ages for xbox 2, playstation 3, or the new nintendo? or is it just for the pc?

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    According to the press release it's just for the PC.

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    Yep, definitely can't forget to mention that Myst V is targeting Mac users too. It was really unfortunate that Uru wasn't Mac-compatible. That was Cyan's intention from the start, but the supplier of their physics engine didn't follow through on a promised Mac version of that engine. This time they made sure that both platforms would be supported.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by realXCV:
    and the mac </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I think Alahmnat already covered that platform.

    on-topic: I wouldn't expect to see Myst V on any of the current-generation consoles due to hardware limitations. That's not to say it wouldn't be possible, but that such a port would require enough work to make it prohibitively expensive without some guarantee of decent returns.

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    Macs are indeed PCs too, I was using the broad "desktop" term rather than the Windows-centric term in this instance .

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    I bought my Xbox because I wanted to play Revelations. I have thouroughly engoyed all the games I have played on it. I was stupendously pissed when Uru wouldn't play on my brand new Dell! I know Dells aren't "gaming" computers, but if a company wants to market their product why limit the buyers? I just couldn't see buying a new video card to play one game when I could buy a game platform for the same price and be certain that everything I buy for it will work (no bugs, no patches, etc). I must say I am a reformed PC game player. Furthermore, I think that Xbox live would be an ABSOLUTELY perfect venue for Uru. It is an established broadband gaming comunity. Lastly, to end my rant here, I seriously hope that Ubisoft and Cyan are seriously considering putting End of Ages onto at least Xbox and maybe other gaming platforms. I cannot miss the ending to this great story...

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    If it does get released for consoles, it won't be for several months after the initial cross-platform computer release, and Cyan won't be doing the port... it'll likely be handed off to another company to do. However, given that Uru was never ported to a console (for two reasons: online connectivity and processing power). I'm not sure if End of Ages will either. If (and I again stress if, because there haven't even been rumors about a console release) it is, odds are it will be added to the line-up for the next-gen consoles (PS3 and XBox 360) and not released for either of the current platforms.

    I also doubt Uru would have utilized X-Box Live because Ubi would have had no control over the world servers and had no way to link them to the PC release servers, and it being a persistent world, I dunno if it would have even worked on Live... most if not all of the Live-compatible games I've ever heard about are simply limited-multiplayer deals.

    As far as Dell goes, they're a bunch of lying idiots (as is/was Gateway, but I digress slightly). You absolutely cannot and should not expect a $399 computer from Dell to be able to do anything even remotely high-end (like play video games... $399 computers are for word processing, email, and web browsing). Just 'cause it's new doesn't mean it's good . You can get a cheap video card upgrade for your PC that will let you play all of the games released to date for less than $100. It's not going to be cutting-edge, but it'll work. Even an nVIDIA GeForce 3 will do fine... I suggest not getting a GeForce 2 because some of the visual effects in Uru and EoA require better hardware. I've upgraded my video card all of twice in the past four years, and both times it was less than $150... cheaper than buying the past two generations of consoles... especially since I don't play that many games anyway, so to spend all that money on a console for one game would have been a waste .

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