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Thread: Which game did you like best? Revelations or Brotherhood? | Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixKeys View Post
    Just to comment on this, horses have always been part of the game. Being able to use them in cities is really not much of a core change. Renovations were introduced in AC2.

    I don't really disagree with the rest of your post, although I think Animuses was talking about huge changes to the gameplay, like the kind of difference between AC1 and AC2. Apart from the assassin recruits, there weren't many innovations in ACB and ACR that weren't simply upgrades of already existing concepts (even Leonardo's war machines were based on the flying machine and carriage chase from AC2).
    you do have a fair point but it is also fair to say that if they had changed any of the things that was not changed then it wouldnt have been as good. so im guessing what ur saying is that it didnt include any new concepts and served to heavily upgrade existing system? i can agree with that. sure the renovation option was in ac2 but it wasnt as fully integrated as with acb. the horses were not really of use in ac2 and were sought of forced in ac1, acb is where they actually had a genuine use. if they for example changed how the mission structure worked i would b dissapointed as it works very well and i wouldnt want to see it changed.There were not many new concepts but they games cant be seen as cash ins as they add a lot to the gameplay. all additions were a huge step forward. we get ac3 now so everyone is gonna be pleased either way.

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    I'm going with Brotherhood.

    - A lot of side missions.
    - Virtual Training
    - Big map
    - More Stealth
    - Glyph Puzzles
    - War Machines

    Its not that I hate ACR. In fact, I love ACR.
    I just thought that ACB was more fun, And kept you busy after the main mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralLink View Post
    At least they were decent enough to give you training memories unlike Brotherhood which gives you no help at all.

    Didn't AC2 have training memories?

    Did anyone like the tower defense mini game in ACR? Desmond Journal was good and explains why Desmond left his home.

    Has anyone experienced crashing or freezing while playing ACR?
    1. That's just not true. ACB had VR training missions, even better (and they were optional).

    2. Yeah, but we're talking about ACB and ACR here, so...

    3. No i didn't like the tower defense games and yeah the Desmond journey missions were ok and a nice change of pace but we already knew his history, so nothing new there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thijs_bijlsma View Post
    1. That's just not true. ACB had VR training missions, even better (and they were optional).

    2. Yeah, but we're talking about ACB and ACR here, so...

    3. No i didn't like the tower defense games and yeah the Desmond journey missions were ok and a nice change of pace but we already knew his history, so nothing new there.
    I'm not sure if ACB has better VR training. I'll explain and maybe you can help me. When I go on VR training,I selected running training mode but instead of explaining the controls on running or dropping from a ledge while running. Your doing a marathon and maybe the explanation appears but only for 2 seconds before the checkpoints and if you do it wrong then you have to all start over. They should have added on how to do certain moves first than put those lessons to practice by running those training missions. I had to go online and watch videos on how to do combo kills and extended combo kills (throwing throws/ using hidden pistol).

    ACR VR training was done properly because there were explanation on how to perform those moves and practice on using a bomb at the same time learn each effects ability. You can practice the moves over and over until your know the moves really well.

    I hope in AC3 that instructions or training mode is explained first then you can perform those moves.

    But Desmond journey also show that Desmond ran away from his destiny instead of embracing it. I notice throughout the series, I don't see Desmond truly admit to his mistakes but he just goes with the flow and says he is part of the assassin to stop the Templar. He didn't seem quite genuine about his feelings but rather accepts it rather quickly. In ACR, you truly see Desmond admits his mistake and regrets it.

    One thing Ubisoft needs to improve (to me) is the full synchronization part. Some of the synch missions are very hard or too easy. I didn't like the part where you had to protect a herald (sounds simply enough) but they had to ratchet up the difficult by adding that the herald cannot take damage or else you fail in getting full synch. That part was frustrating and I still cannot do it.
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    ACR had in my eyes, terrible villains, removed mounted enemies and combat, no glyphs, no real side quests and the two things it did added (TD and bombs) were not needed.

    Hands down, ACB is my favorite in the whole series.

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    ACR's tutorials were really poorly implemented. In previous games you had a clear place you could go to when you wanted to train. In ACR it was blink-and-you'll-miss-it button prompts at the top of the screen. Usually I was busy doing a mission and before I had time to read what the prompt said, it was gone, and there was no way to easily access the tutorials from the main menu. I hope AC3 will bring back the training ground or VR Room that can be easily accessed at any time.

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    Brotherhood easily. ACR was disastrous.

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    Story: ACB
    Gameplay: ACB
    Graphics: ACR

    ACB wins

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    Story: ACR



    Now I love ACB, but I liked ACR's story more, although I prefer ACB's gameplay and setting.

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    Brotherhood all the way!

    Because Revelations was just mediocre game IMO. Constantinople was unbelievably boring, dull and a very very brown city. There was no variety in the setting at all, and dat pointless cave place...
    ACB had a huge fortress, countryside, city and even the Colosseum. The story wasn't that good in Revelations and actually turned me away from the AC Series...

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