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Thread: Which game did you like best? Revelations or Brotherhood? | Forums

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    With all the topics that are condemning Revelations, I thought I'd make a poll to find out if the majority of the fans here liked Brotherhood over the recent Assassin's Creed game.

    In my honest opinion, I found Revelations to be better than Assassin's Creed 1 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, but not as good as Assassin's Creed 2. Revelations is superior to Brotherhood in many ways, such as the fact that your Assassin recruits feel more like people. The missions were more varied and interesting(the Minstrel mission being a good example) and they made the hook blade into a very fun new gameplay element that gives a lot more options to the players. I have mixed feelings about bomb-crafting however. On one hand, you can just use them to distract guards. On the other hand, it's now a lot more easy to just blow them up and it doesn't make much sense for an Assassin to use a weapon that would not only leave a mark, but make a sound loud enough for anyone to hear. It's cool, but you don't feel like an Assassin while using them.

    Unlike Rome, Constantinople feels like a real city because most of the hub doesn't consist of just one big country side with only a quarter of it having buildings and city-streets(as was the case in Brotherhood). The new Mocam technology helps the graphics, although the fact that Desmond looks almost nothing like Desmond from the previous three games is disappointing. I guess it's just something we'll all have to get use to. The environments are also more varied. You'll go from big snowy mountains to underwater lakes to Byzantine structures like the Hippodrome and so on. Brotherhood had some variety, but it would have been better if the country-side wasn't as big as it was.

    My biggest complaint for Revelations is the questionable acts Ezio commits, but the biggest WTF moment of the entire game wasn't the ending, but the part where Ezio sets a whole city on fire, harming a lot of people in the process, and doesn't even seem to care. He should have at least acknowledged that he hurt a lot of people in Capadoccia. And yes, I know no one ever said Ezio was a good guy, but Ezio was never this apathetic to the happenings of people around him.

    But overall, I'd say that Revelations is the better game. Brotherhood was good, but not that good.

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    Brotherhood. Reason is I got to know and like Ezio in AC2 and ACB but in revelations it looked nothing like him, it didn't feel like I was playing as him, they should have waited until AC3 to change facial technology (apparently that's why they look different, and I don't really care about Desmond). Also the scenery and outfits in Brotherhood were stunning, in Revelations the city and outfits are ugly. The extra outfits they give you are Desmond (come up with something new already) and Old Altairs outfit which I don't like either. The Ishak Pasha and Turkish armor/outfit look ok but I'd prefer it if you could choose to remove the mask. Story wise I enjoyed them both but little things like lack of outfits ruin the game for me.

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    I think a lot of people underestimate it, perhaps because AC2 set such a high standard. People probably expected the quantum leap that its predecessor provided. Brotherhood had a great story and great side content. The occasional cheesy line and the rushed ending were its only weaknesses.

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    Story: Bot are not that good, but I pick Revelations.

    Graphics: Revelations.

    Setting: Constantinople feels like a real city, unlike Roma´s portrayal which did not live up the expectations, aside from the Vaticano and Antico districts, is dull and feels rushed.

    Missions: Leonardo´s Machines are good, but those regarding the storyline make me choose Revelations.

    Although it does not top AC2 or AC1, I liked Revelations way more than Brotherhood.

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    Setting: Constantinople feels like a real city, unlike Roma´s portrayal which did not live up the expectations, aside from the Vaticano and Antico districts, is dull and feels rushed.
    Constantinople was far duller than Rome.

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    After trying to stall as much as possible by completing side missions and going into the Multiplayer, I finally finished the story mode.
    Okay; this is a tough one...but I'll have to go with Brotherhood.
    I have to agree about the graphics, I hardly felt like the Ezio from Revelations was the same as the one from ACII and ACB...he just looks way too weird! I think the story from Brotherhood was more captivating, and there was more on the line, because honestly in ACR I could hardly even feel the threat of the Templars; it almost felt like there wasn't a battle going on; whereas in ACB it's either Ezio wins or the Borgias screw the world up!
    This is not to say that I didn't love anything from ACR; I loved how there was a lot of new stuff with the gameplay; stuff that we had never done before. Sequence 8 was incredible.
    I hope I'm making sense, I also think I might be bitter because I did not want to say goodbye to Altaïr and Ezio
    All in all, sometimes it made me feel like I wasn't even playing Assassin's Creed anyomore...
    I don't know. I have a lot of mixed feelings D:

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    Put a spoiler tag dude

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    This is actually kind of a tough call but I'd say Revelations by just a little bit although there are things about Brotherhood that I do miss like assassination missions and horses and VR missions.

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    Brotherhood. Personally, I think that Revelations sucked...

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    Revelations. It had a superior storyline, great setting. The most alive. Great characters and dialogue. Best addition to AC yet.

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