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    Might be of interest to you - runway lights, telephone poles etc
    yup 100's of static me262

    It's still a work in progress - and not tested at that (make backups lol)...

    But then you get a say and a peek at the early stages

    Hope you like it...

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    Yeah, I was playing with it today (and this ) and I can now get the Phone Poles to look right

    Also try having 100 Aircraft Carriers but for some strange reason my P.C crashed

    Great program and thanks for taking the time to make it, m8

    Hot Space

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    Thanks - lol I did 100 liquid carriers (example 1)
    Could be you placed those carriers too close - massive boom lol - try the new "RepU" command
    And I did upgrade to v0.01 hehe

    First got round to it when I wanted runway lights (with my calculator lol) boooring man that took too long hehe so then I started thinking...

    And then when I saw all those lemmings on SimHQ hehe I polished it up a bit...

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    That's a great little utility, thanks for publishing it.

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