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    At the end of Boat, after shooting down Crow, I'm instructed to collect a PDA. I'm told that I'm going to be picked up, and I see the boat coming forward. It stops infront of the sunken ship, and Doyle stops talking. I can't figure out what to do, am I so supposed to go somewhere? The last objective is to go to the front of the ship, but after trying that I still get the same result. Killing everyone before the boss still had the same effect, what am I missing?
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    you are doing nothing wrong, that should be the end of the level, try reinstalling the game.
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    That is the end of the level, the script should start and no matter where you are the boat should "pick" you up when it stops. Even if you are on the other island. Do you see the loadscreen for the next level at all?

    Have you installed the COOP mod? If so, you need to back up your saved games and reinstall.
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