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    Looking for Co-op partner for all MP game modes -
    Gamertag : mag sithlord008
    Plaform : XboxLive
    Time Zone: US Eastern Time

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    Senior Member SolidSage's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    I want to beef up my friends list with players that are 'currently' running some SCC and not too far out of my timezone. That way if I see you on and available I won't have to run with a random and a bad connection.

    XBL: fog Sandman
    TZ: Pacific. Bit of a late night player.
    Method: Prefer the challenge of Realistic and making an effort at non detected but I kind of enjoy adapting when it all goes sideways because my partner (you ) blew it! Not interested in full aggro right at the moment but if you want to try a Story speed run I'm down. 1hr12 mins on Rookie is my best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zisouroland17 View Post
    IH IU IN IK 777

    I play everyday, pacific time zone

    i play mostly stealthy hardcore stealthy i may add

    i play everything from rookie to realistic (i just love the game)

    ill help anyone with anything
    hey nice her it heres my gammer tag(firephoenix2k6)lookforward to meet you

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    Junior Member ktrtz's Avatar
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    May 2012
    GMT/UTC +03:00
    any day
    any difficulty
    all co-op missions and face off

    no mic
    add me in-game 'cause i don't visit the forum often
    pc only

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    1 vs 1 splinter cell matches every day join the clan GAMERTAG: bankaichigo

    those who wants to play splintercell join the bankaichigo clan to play everyday at any time with the clan

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    my gamertag is bankaichigo and i play splintercell dude would you like to join the clan

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    x CRAKA x LA

    Pacific time USA, available on the weekends

    Prefer pure stealth but can play with moderate stealth/action

    Prefer realistic difficulty

    Prefer to play Hunter, Co-op story, or Infiltration

    I play on Xbox 360 and I have a mic

    Please add me in game rather than on the forum. Thank you.

    Willing to play with anyone as long as they don't always go in guns blazing.
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    XBL Gamertag: LiL Blackout797

    Eastern Time USA, Mon-Thurs: 3PM-12 AM Fri-Sat: 11 AM-3AM Sun: 11 AM-12 AM



    All multiplayer modes

    Have mic, but frequently in party chat

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    Member SNUBKILLER75's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    new jersey
    gamertag: FP x SNUBKILLER

    timezone: eastern time zone (new jersey) mostly evenings after 6pm. sometimes during the day


    i guess normal. i havent played multi yet

    any modes

    have mic

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    Junior Member DevilD1's Avatar
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    May 2012


    KING OF Devil D

    Hit me up for coop game in splinter cell conviction

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