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    Solutions to common issues Assassin’s Creed Revelations PC game – community based FAQ

    Hey, I'm watching this forum almost daily and i see most issues are repeating almost every day so i decided to make one thread with solutions to them. I'm from Poland, my English is not perfect so I'm open to correcting me ;-)

    Q: What should i do before running the game?
    A: Update your windows operating system with available updates. To do this go to: control panel/windows update or control panel/microsoft update and install all available important updates and optional updates.
    Good behavior is to keep drivers updated. For gaming most valuable drivers are for graphic cards, sound cards and network adapters. Sometimes it is needed to update to beta version of driver. If beta driver is making problems install elder but stable driver.

    Q: Before installing the game, what should i prepare?
    A: It is always good to have predownloaded installer for patch. Patch v1.01 you can download from this link:

    or this for russian version:

    Links for patch v1.02:


    Links for patch v1.03:


    Q: Do i have to do any special things to properly install the game?
    A: For windows vista/7/8 run installer by clicking on it with right mouse ****on and choose „Run as administrator” option. Same for patch(es). It is always better to install the game in default installation path, changing path may sometimes occurs with problems with starting the game. After successful installation of game install patch(es) manually or let the updater to download and install patch(es).

    Q: During installation of patch v1.03 i'm getting error message: "Error while patching ACRSP.exe. Incorrect source file", how to install the patch?
    A: Meanwhile ubisoft released updated patch v1.02 without wide announcing it. You have to download updated patch v1.02 file (links provided above), uninstall the game, install the game again, install patches: v1.01, (redownloaded) v1.02 and now your patch v1.03 will install without errors.

    Q: What to do after installation?
    A: If you are going to play multiplayer it is good to manually update punkbuster – anticheat system. To do this go with this link:
    Unpack it and run pbsetup.exe. In program click on „add a game”, choose assassin's creed revelations and click „add game”, in next step click „check for updates”.

    If you finished all previous steps you are ready to run the game. Now i will describe problems which you might face while running the game.

    Q: I tried to run the game but i’m getting error message: „Code: Error -1”, how to fix it?
    A: If you somehow are getting this error it means you do not have installed ubisoft game launcher application, you can download it from this link:
    and install it.

    Q: My product code seems to be invalid, what can i do with it?
    A: If you bought the game and launcher do not allows you to activate the game you have to contact ubisoft support, to do this go with this link:
    This is good news, but also there is a bad news: ubisoft support usually answers after few days, in some cases it may take to them over a month. Once i sent to them question and they responded to me after one month and one week(!!!!!!!!).

    Q:Ubisoft game launcher is set to online mode, my login and password are correct but i'm getting message: "The Ubisoft Server is not available at this time. Please try again later.", is the ubisoft server really down?
    A: I do not reason why this message is showing up but mostly it is not true and servers are up. You are still able to log in to the game but need to change some setting. If you see this message run the game, ubisoft game launcher will show up, go to its options and change proxy to automatic or none. If this didn't help it may be needed to do this: in ubisoft game launcher settings in section "account settings" click "open" than log in and in bottom of page click "update".

    Q: When I'm starting the game I'm getting black screen, how to fix it?
    A: There is several reasons why you can get it and how to solve it. One says you need to set compatibility for acrsp.exe and acrmp.exe to windows 98. For me it is absurd way but users described it as working fix so it is why i mention about it. If you are using intel core i3, i5 or i7 cpu black screen probably is caused by enabled hyperthreading. To disable it you have to go to computer bios. Description how to disable this technology is described in manual for your motherboard. Few yousers found working solution and confirmed it, it goes like this: remove systemdetection.dll from the game directory. As far as i know moderator reported problem to developers so... MAYBE they will fix black screen issue but do not count on it.

    Q: What other problems may cause enabled hyperthreading?
    A: Crash on startup, crash in mission with Shakulu, random crashes in game, stuttering in game, low or jumping fps even if all previous assassin’s creed games with the same computer configuration were running fine. As i said: MAY CAUSE but do not have to but if you are experiencing one of these things and have hyperthreading enabled with intel core iX cpu disable it.

    Q: Invisible textures, missing whole parts of environment etc. how to fix it?!
    A: Probably you have antialiasing forced via driver. Go to nvidia control panel or AMD VISION Engine Control Centre and set antialiasing to „Controlled by application”.

    Q: Ezio stuck in wall, how to free him?!
    A: Just hit randomly movement keys and try to jump, Ezio should walk out of the wall. If this will not help you need to restart memory sequence or game.

    Q: Do i really need to run the main game and from this switch to multiplayer?
    A: No, you can start the multiplayer directly, skipping singleplayer. To do that you need to create shortcut and paste in it this:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Assassin's Creed Revelations\ACRMP.exe" /launchedfromotherexec /onlineUser:***** /onlinePassword:*******
    Of course replace stars with your login and password which you used in ubi game launcher. Path to multiplayer executable is the default one, if you have other paste it instead.

    Q: I’m getting kicked from multiplayer sessions, can’t connect with any session, what to do?!
    A: If you have some antivirus software installed first thing you should to do is to check firewall settings. If firewall blocks the game set acrmp.exe in firewall settings as exception and allow to this program to connect with internet. If you are not using firewall or the game already is in firewall’s exceptions update manual punkbuster what i described few steps ago. If all these things are fine but you still occur the problem scan you windows with antivirus, maybe some virus makes your multiplayer game unplayable.

    Q:I can't connect/reach any multiplayer game session, running game in online mode, do you have any solution for this?
    A: You may try unblocking ports in firewall. Tip delivered by Mouse03, pozdrawiam ;-)
    The ports for ACR are;
    ACR (UDP)

    Launcher ports (TCP)

    Achievements (UDP and TCP)

    You need to open these in both your modem/router and in Windows Firewall.

    For router, this is a good site;
    Find your router and it'll tell you how to forward them.

    And this is how in Windows;

    "Allow the game trough your Network:

    This is the path on Windows 7:

    Windows Control Panel/
    Network and Internet/
    View Network Computers Devices/
    Right click on your Router's Icon and choose Properties
    Select Settings
    add all ports mentioned above.

    This is the path on Windows XP:

    Control Panel>
    Network Connections>
    Internet Connection>
    (Right click) Properties> Settings
    add all ports mentioned above."

    At this moment that's all, if i will find out more i will describe it in here. I hope this little faq will be helpful to you ;-)
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    Nice and helpful FAQ. Could the mods make this a sticky maybe?

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    Updating drivers is NOT always the best idea if you have older hardware. Drivers are optimized for newer hardware and CAN interfere with current games if you use older cards.

    Just thought i would point that out since tech support loves telling you to update stuff when they know themselves that this is not always the case to solve issue but WILL get rid of you and your query.


    Thanks for the direct link to the patch

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    Updating drivers in really rare cases causes some problems.

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    Looks like you are playing the game in offline mode. Run ubisoft game launcher, go to settings and uncheck offline mode.

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    do you know why i get crazy ?
    see :

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    in luncher i'm online

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    Try to reinstall ubisoft game launcher, if this will not help reinstall the game.

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    i do all this . no solution
    a lot of players have this problem

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