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Thread: G930 (Wireless Headset) Yes or No? | Forums

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    Feb 2011
    Voted no,

    it's 105$ it seems now?

    Anyway, what does such a expensive headset add to your game? not much i think. i do have an pretty expensive mouse, but thats because i play fps and the extra buttons on them are nice.
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    Yeah, but i'm buying it on Amazon germany, so I'll have to pay 140€.

    I don't know what it adds to games but I definitely want a wireless headset which will hold for some time and has good quality. Maybe you can suggest me another?
    I want to do later with battlefield 3 pro gaming (lol) so maybe the headset will give me some advantage against others?
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    Feb 2011
    Infact, i need a headset aswell. but i probably just get one for 50$, should do fine. not sure if you have wireless ones for that price
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    Why do you want wireless? It's not for a playstation or xbox, so a cable isn't that bad. And you save a lot of money!
    I think it's absoluteley worth the 140 dollar, but I wouldn't buy it myself as it is not necessary!
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    I told ya buddy, it Pwns. Period. I've probably had like 8-10 headsets. This is by far my favorite eVaR! I recommend. One really cool part is all the controls and adjustments are so easily accessible on the left earpiece, it's the most convenient headset I've owned.

    And the wireless part friggin PWNSSS DooD! Srsly man I can like go take a huge dump on the poop pot while I'm in vent with Alcarin n Swift n LagMaster n Tigga and then totally laugh at them in secret cuz they dunno I brought em with me.... Ker Plunk! Hahahahahahaah

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    I have corsair HS1A, it is wired, but I think it is outstanding, and has 1/3 of the price of the logitec you said.
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    I had Turtle Beach X11's they are good, designed for the 360 but work perfectly well with PC. Ive got X31's now there are really good but I had to buy extra stuff to make them work with PC.

    Anyway X11's are only like £40 dunno how many Euros that is.
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    The price keeps going down, first 160€ then 140€ and now 120€. Maybe I should buy it soon before the price jumps up again^^
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    No, Hey I need a ruse. BZZZZZ bzzzzzzzz. HELLO give me a damn radio silence BBBBzzzzzzzz BBBBBBzzzzzzzzz. Wish I had a wired one.
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