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    II./JG1 is still actively recruiting. We're looking for more pilots to fill out our Roster.

    We always have a number of tournament events taking place. This month: The Forgotten Skies tournament has just started a 1942 Kurland campaign. And WWBattles is about to kick off a Spanish Civil War event. We're very much looking forward to both.

    Check out our website and fill out an application today!

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    S! All,

    II./JG1 is still actively recruiting. Please feel free to stop by our webpage or forums:

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    II./JG1 is looking for dedicated pilots who enjoy the game as much as we do. We currently have over 30 active pilots and an outstanding training program with multiple practices held over the course of the week.

    We're also currently involved in multiple tournaments, including Forgotten Skies.

    Stop by our website today and take a look:

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    Should anyone have any questions about our Gruppe, please post below.

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    S! All,

    II./JG1 is still recruiting. We're currently looking for both fighter and Jabo (fighter-bomber) pilots of all skill levels.

    II./JG1 is an English-speaking North American based squadron which practices in the GMT-5 time zone. Out of our 30+ members, we do currently have some international pilots, however.

    II./JG1 is also a proud "member squadron" of the Full Immersion Squadron Community (FISC):

    As a result, we prefer to fly "full switch".

    II./JG1 has a first-class basic training program which goes over tactics, gunnery, formation flying and navigation. We also have excellent Flight Leader and experten training programs for more experience members.

    Currently, JG1 is involved in Scorched Earth tournaments with various squadrons, as well as the Forgotten Skies dogfight tournament.

    Stop by our website today and take a look at all that we have to offer.


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    II./JG1 is still actively recruiting. Stop by our website and take a look:

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    II./JG1 is still recruiting.

    We focus on the Fw 190 as our primary fighter of choice, but do fly the other Luftwaffe aircraft as well.

    Our training program is excellent, as is our reputation in the air.

    Stop by our website and check us out:

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