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Thread: Most decisive battle of WWII | Forums

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    For those who are skeptic, i was conceived DURING Lt. Col. Cole's fighting in France. My mother was a French Maiden by the name of Yafaban Renezzo... pic here:

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    were is stalingrad? that was by far the most it made wining the war in russia not posible for the germans and threw them into retreat across that hole section of the front.. but it did another thing the most important of all it showed the germans were not invinsible and could be defeated

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    Definitely D-day

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    I don't think there is any battle that can be judged significantly more important or decisive than others. In almost all cases in the Second World War, the battles were decisive, which makes it hard to judge one that was THE most decisive. For example - If we had lost on D-Day, we would not have been able to win the war. But if we had lost the Battle of Britain, we could not have fought on D-Day, because Britain would have been conquered. If we had not lost at Dunkirk, D-Day wouldn't have even been neccesary!

    Similarily, if the Japanese had never attacked Pearl Harbour, the US would never have joined the war and NONE of the events following or even before D-Day could have taken place.

    See, everything is equally important and has equal power of changing history.

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    It was D-Day. Hitler said it himself.

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    It was definetly D-Day no doubt, but who know had the Russians been defeated at Stalingrad and Hitler taken over the country he wouldve then been able to redirect men and supplies souly to the the American Front aand overwhelmed us.

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    I disagree. Germany's fundamental problem was that they conquered to much land that they could not defend. More land wouldn't of made a positive effect for Hitler.

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    Maybe not..... the problem was africa and lather italie. Those fronts took forces which would normally be used to defend the homeland or attack russia. It's Mussulinis fault, that frantic loser!

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    Lol another lesson learnt for germany: your allies are useless.

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