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    Do people still play this awesome game online and if so, where? MSN? Gamespy arcade?
    im, thinking of getting it! Thx.

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    We still play online every day. You don't need MSN or gamespy, the in-game browser works just fine.

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    How do you use the in-game browser? I clicked the Create Account button and it took me to a page that is no longer available??

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    Or can I use this account I created at the website. Will try it tonight, but since the create account took me to a missing page, not thinking it will work.

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    Just use your forum account. The create account page from 2003 is down, but any UBI account from the website will do.

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    I tried to play it online just now, I get the same problem and my uplay account i created on the website doesnt get me looged in either in the game. Does someone have an account i can use ? I bought the original CD though with a legitimate CD key back in 2003, long time i know... I will really appreciate any help thanks !

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    Thumbs up Original serial not working


    Just a few minetes ago I've installed my Raven Shield&Athena Sword from genuine DVD with 3 serials in the box.

    RS + AS + installed just fine.
    During installation, there was no question for CD serial.

    I created my uplay account after installation.

    I'm launching the game (RS) and log in.
    When i try to connect to any game in multiplayer mode (using in-game browser) it is asking me for serial.
    None of my 3's from the box won't work. What can i do? I dont have reciepe for the game for sure, can sent pictures of box, cd-keys and DVD.


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    Yeah still play too, even own a server [ETS]

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    I was having trouble signing in, as well. I just re-installed this game and when I attempted to play it online it keeps telling me I don't have an account. So, I came on here and made one. Still no luck.


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    My best suggestion is to contact Ubisoft support. I hope they can help you!

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