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    Taylortony I like this a lot, what kit is that?

    It looks like a Maurice Corey

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    Yes it is, one of his latest, he also has a new N Ireland bust out from about the same period, the Falklands para comes with a helmet on and a GPMG, but he has brought out an optional head with three berets, Royal Marines, Scots Guards and the Paras, so that is the one you can see on it, additionally he has released an twin SLR set with infantry scope, night scope or iron sights, so will use that instead of the GPMG. You can see them at Moz's site, see

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    here is my latest, built out of the box with only addition of tamiya tape seat belts
    painted halfords nissen silver
    a nice kit apart from rear canopy which is too narrow and doesnt sit right without a bit of persuasion
    not weathered as Im undecided how to do this, I know that 603 kept their planes very clean and this is backed up by photos I have seen so rather than overegg it Iv kept it clean

    here is a flightline of my spits
    tamiya Mk1 revell mkIX airfix mk22 - just noticed photobucket has done something funny with codes as I rotated photo - they are ok on real model

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    Luvverly Spits!

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    A couple of busts that I finished this weekend


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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteladder View Post
    A couple of busts that I finished this weekend
    Lovely busts.

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    Indeed. I do love a nice bust.

    Keep 'em coming, chaps!

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    Some progress on the Arado most of the ****pit assembled, with Eduard etched interior set added


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