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    Blimey,some good stuff going on here,love the scratch built Arado catapult,Stugs are epic,and Buglords got another classic in the making.

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    Whiteladder are you aware a catapult kit exists?


    scroll down this link for some stunning pics of it

    pausing to droll over the 1/32 catalina too

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    I had seen that kit, it models the type of catapult used on some of the German Cruisers like the Prinz Eugen. I decided against using this one because I want to set the Arado in a scene with some figures as well and the Bismarck catapult lay out made this easier. Plus half the fun of building it is the research


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    LF In 'Actually Does Something' Shocker!

    Can't see my work table for elves and sorceresses, better get some out of the way. L-o-o-ong way to go on this one, but at least I've made a start on something.

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    Nice work mate

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    Slowly getting there - I'm feeling a little rusty at the moment. A few more applications needed to bring the gold up. Still dithering about cloak colours - I'm veering towards green or red/brown (on a wood elf, LF? Gerraway!) with a contrasting lining.

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    And there he is done...

    My mighty Elven host...

    Cropped and 'shopped (very light 'ink sketch' effect from for a fantasy game cutscene vibe...

    Keep 'em coming, chaps!

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    Cool one!

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    Nice work everyone and LF they look great,

    Ok WIP Falklands 200mm Para and for only the second time ever, I am doing a base


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    As ever, some excellent textile work, TT

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