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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by sharkez76:
    I use the Saitek Cyborg F.L.Y.9 Wireless Flight Stick for all my flight sims on the xbox 360.
    I got hawx 2 today an i cant use my flightstick i have it in mode 1 an on the saitek control setting in options but for some reason it constantly pulls to the right i cant even get off the runway could you sort this please </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
    im having the same problem i purchased the stick specially for this game and my others ,held off playing till the stick arrived today how gutted am i please sort this!
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    I'm having a few audio issues with the online Team Battle mode. Doesn't appear to be any noise when you die(ie: explosion).
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Eroticnightmare:
    Just to clarify something before there's confusion - the bug I just reported - the Expert Off mode is "saved" visually between sessions, that is to say the text says Expert Mode, yet the gameplay is "Normal" - just going into the menu (Game Settings) alone rectifies this, and I don't have to switch back and forth in the settings menu. Which makes it extra weird. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    im having the same problem, except i cant get expert mode to work, it stays in normal mode regardless of what the menu says
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    Another issue I have is that in some ingame cutscenes you can be killed offscreen by crashing or by other means while you can't control your aircraft.

    I'll be vague with spoilers. This occurred in the A-10 mission and the last F-22 mission.
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    system:xbox 360

    "TILL THE END"-didn't unlock for me, i did the last level on coop and didn't get this. so i went back and played the level again and still didn't get it.

    "TEAM PLAY"-didn't get this one either, i have played it at least a dozen times now and still haven't gotten it.
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    Is it just me, or does the cockpit shot you see in the final mission look a bit....half arsed?
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    I've done a bit more analyzing on the online sound issue. I have all sound settings maxed on a TV with Stereo sound. I can hear lock on tones, missile alerts, beeps from switching weapons or using perks, music, and the engines. But that's all.

    Sounds that are completely muffled:

    Player Gun Sounds and Missile Launch Sounds
    Enemy Hit(Missiles/Guns) Sounds
    Enemy Kill(Explosions) Sounds
    Player Hit(Missiles/Guns) Sounds
    Player Killed(Explosions) Sounds

    It actually kind of ruins the feel of the gameplay. Anyone have this problem? All the sounds worked fine in single player.
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    I found a few bugs in the Xbox 360 version:

    1) Sometimes the OFF Mode Expert control scheme reverts to Normal control even though it still says Expert when I check it. So currently, in order to fix it, I have to change it to Normal control, then back to Expert. However, the problem eventually repeats itself. It's a real pain.

    2) The A-10A's U-Play weapon pack shows up twice in the weapon pack selection menu.

    3) When viewing the EA-6B Prowler in the Hanger (and I think in one or two other sections), in the bottom left portion of the screen where it's suppose to show the selected aircraft's starboard, dorsal, etc. silhouette, it's showing the wrong aircraft. It looks like it's showing the silhouette of a MiG-15 or MiG-17. In any case, it's not the Prowler's and needs to be corrected.

    4) After completing a story co-op mission, I'm not unlocking the "Team Play" Achievement for either Xbox 360 or U-Play.

    5) Sometimes when waiting for other players to arrive at waypoints in story co-op missions, the mission doesn't proceed to the next part after they arrive.

    I also have a few suggestions:

    1) The pilot's range of head movement in cockpit view should be increased. It's a bit frustrating how little you can turn your "head" to look around.

    2) Allow the player to switch camera angles without forcing them to pause the game and enter the options menu to do it.

    Seriously, why was this changed? It's ridiculous. Especially, since it's a basic feature and there's no function for clicking the left control stick at all now.

    3) Fix all the aircraft that have their fuel probes permanently extended so they only extend when attempting to perform mid-air refueling. Like the real thing.
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    Count me as one of those having issues with the sound effects when playing Xbox LIVE.

    Sound is great in every other mode (campaign...etc...) but when playing LIVE the only "effects" sound that I have is the "rush" of the engines.

    No missile firings...NONE of the "fun stuff".
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    in the last level especially or in any

    its possible to be killed in an unckippable cutscene

    in the carrier defence level with the harrier, after the mine field if you clear the displayed targets before the speech triggers it can crash the game and in my case gave me a faulty disc message (impossible since it was brand new)

    while i like the new ai the planes can stall far far to easily and in somecases 'drift' far too much

    but a great improvment over the first
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