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    I just started playing this game recently and I think it'd be awesome to play online.

    Looking for Co-op, player matches, Hunter, anything.

    Username is: Kuregan
    I have a mic, but may need to get a new one

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    Junior Member SudG's Avatar
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    Apr 2012


    User: Sud_G

    I'll play everything but i realy enjoy face off.
    Add me

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    User: Thik101
    Time Zone : -5 GMT
    Style : Everything

    Steam ID : Thik_101
    Skype : Thik_101

    I have a mic and i speak French and English
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    hey !
    uplay: klimas1
    country: poland


    zapraszam polaków - ciężko kogoś znaleźć

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    My UBI id is vivz_kestrel. I am one of the best players in the world for stealth. You can check my playing style at I promise you WONT LEAVE EMPTY handed. My skype Id is vivzkestrel, english is the preferred language. RAMBO or stealth, I ll play just about any mode. You think you want to play with someone who's good, let the GAMES BEGIN

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    hey .. plz i need some help i want to play online but i cant i have problem i dnt know how plz help

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    add me
    my id is duckhugh!

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    Add me i'm SAM7KING ,i speak Italian, Ukranian , Spanish , Russian , English.

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    Hi im from denmark, i play most in the mornings. Like stealthy gameplay i want to skype meanwhile so we can get nice teamwork going

    add me hyperstar <-----

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    My User name is : KunalPandav
    Please play with me!!

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