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    Please post your steam/xfire friends name here if you want some COOP partners to play with you from release. You might even be lucky enough to find a permanent one! Just type in what style you prefer, and i bet you that there's gonna be someone at your hand sometime.

    Personally, I prefer stealth type gameplay, so don't send an invite if you're not ready for stealth. I'm no ghost person though, i like some action once in a while.

    STEAM friends name: benjahut

    Style: Stealth, with some action.

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    hey my xfire is unrealman42,i'll play with you

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    steamID: wahad987

    xfire: khareem

    Im from europe, so it would be great if someone from here wanna play with me. Anyways im more for stealth gameplay, hardcore sc fan here

    Lets moderators make this sticky, its kinda useful

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    I'll probably use ubisoft's mp ui from within the games menu.

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    Are you the old Chimera vet from these forums?

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    why dont you make one topic and post your usernames there . its complicated to have like zillion topics about looking for partners

    steamID: wahad987
    xfire: khareem

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    Sure, my username is

    (surprise surprise)

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    This is alittle off topic but will there be any kind of match makeing system for coop? or maybe someway to hop into someones game or vice versa?

    Id like to play coop with you guys but im not on steam, I just have this uplay account. I can always wait till the 27 and find out.

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    Hey, I am on steam and will have the game on the 30th as I live in the Uk, message me if you up for a game!

    My steam username is: anthonyrsilver

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    A thread already posted by me. Unfortunately, the mods didn't move it. Mods move this to the PC section!!!!!


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