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    Junior Member Roninasp's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Looking for some co-op action, if you wanna play some, hit me up o the below.

    Ubi Username: Roninasp
    X-Fire Username: roninasp

    Prefered Game mode is Infiltration

    Am in the Uk

    c soon

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    i wanna play to xD
    Xfire: tropatropa
    steam: single_headshot
    splintercell ingame: Crazypowers2008
    add me anywhere ill play :P

    style: both stealth and action all depends on what is on the wall for the moment :P
    hope to see some of u ingame

    /arrgh mateys crazypowers

    ps. im from sweden wich means europe and the nordic countrys so any1 from there give me a shout or anywhere else to for that matter ,ds

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    Hey anyone wanna play wid me?
    I got mic
    play lots of time
    stealthy and action
    : xfullmetalx14

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    Preferably a partner from UK/Europe so that no lagg during gameplay, i am from england myself & am looking for a partner to record all of the co-op campaign with me, i will be doing the recording for my youtube channel, partner just needs to be there & not screw up too much lol.

    Need someone with a mic & ventrillo installed, i know of two public splinter cell vents we can use so its all good there.

    Preferably stealth gameplay, but il try to move fast due to 10 minute mark on video's, thus if we do get spotted feel free togo guns blazing with your automatic instead of running away, depends on situation, if possible sneak past enemies though.

    Steam name's clockworksx or add me ingame via Spiritual1989

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    Junior Member tokieo's Avatar
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    May 2010
    tokieo =]

    (its old, don't ask)

    I have vent as well

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    Looking for story co op partner 2am-6am UK time

    I play stealthy

    ubi id = triggerhappy686

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    Story coop
    Ubi ID - paulscondac

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    Steam ID: unit120
    UBI ID : Unit120
    Switzerland. EU
    love being stealthy but incase smething goes wrong im ready for a a real firefight ^^^

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    Junior Member xPrawN's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Mostly I play Hunter but i'm always down to play Co-op and the occasional Last Stand.

    Player Type
    Stealth is the name of this game so I never go rambo unless I'm detected by accident, if so I eliminate all hostiles with a CQC w/ Mark and Execute. If I'm not detected I'm shooting out light to lure baddies close for a take down. Cool, clean and simple.

    Weapons Used

    Steam: itzInstinct
    UBI: xPrawN
    Location: Ontario,Canada

    I'm on a lot so feel free to add, just let me know who you are (Y)

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    Hi Guys Im From UK,I play everyday, im a stealth player mainly but can go all out if required.

    I like all types of Games from Co-Op to Last Stand

    Add me on SplinterCell Convict Now : david_c888

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