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    i need ppl to play r6: lockdown r6 3 and GR jungle storm ps2 add me on yahoo numba0nestunna2002 or reply here.. they still work! thx =)

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    i need ppl to play r6: lockdown r6 3 and GR jungle storm ps2 add me on yahoo numba0nestunna2002 or reply here.. they still work! thx =)

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    id join ya but im a xbox enthusiast. xbox connect SYsTem LINKIE trick still works for xbox GT phantom xp if anyone ever wants to do that

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    what do u mean explain a lil.. is this for 0riginal xbox or 360??

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    orignal xbox silly ! ! ! ! have u not read this forum >_> =P and only way u can log on mutiplayer is by system linking either by CPU-SYSTEMLINK or LAN NETWORK SYSTEM LINK.

    JUst check out some Blackarrow Matches on Youtube. Rainbowsix blackarrow clan match search that in youtube and look at the ones that seem to have clan names as titles. =D

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    no buddy im new 2 this website! but i have an original xbox, I just have 2 get some AV cables and a controller.. and i plan to soon, will i be able to play u online with system linx or w/e lol i know nothing about that! but i will get black arrow or w/e other games u have if i can play u and ur people!

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    haha, well we have been forced to evolve to the xbox 360 but we around, Xbl-GT Phantom xp is my gamer tag still, ive had dozens. But ya i wouldnt mind popping in BA for one second to system link up with ya. There a Program that you put on your cpu that makes System link lobbies on your network. in respec i wont advertise the link but its simple called xbox connect or xbc. i truly cant figuure out why they dont repatch or just start selling the game on the 360 dashboard cause we would all pay top dollar for it simply put. A stupid map pack bring 2 million these days to divie up, why not make ubisoft some good WELL NEEDED money to A Franchise Thats Deserves it Vegas isnt going to put up the numbers Blackarrow did and if it comes close its because we are praying for the old style gameplay. Legends where born on Blackarrow and OLd bow. there on MLG ladders on TV and online streams we all knew each other. Hopes, remarkible, BNg,(top3 or 5 on Vegas MLG natianly) we where all just players on Blackarrow that loved the game. Its that Passion from blackarrow that fuels alot more than just these gamers in my opinon. i know im starting to not even like gaming at all. its all silly compared to what FPS was. idk what to say but There will never be a game as good as blackarrow and oldbow for competive play . TRULY WONT BE. if they remade patched it for dashboard buy theyd be in the profit of 2million + and truly be ON THE TOP OF ALL THE ONLINE NETWORKS COMPETITIONS Again. its foolish to let There beutiful masterpiece fade away when it can still bring money players and Tourtements not to mention Legends back to xbox and on a Real ladder instead of Call Of Dookie >_> worst series ever, we use to buy medal of honor Over COd on OG xbox cause Cod BLEW and was more for PC. so ubisoft do whats right for your pocket and republish the game that breed this EVOLUTION. Truly Black arrow Breed This competion and Halo took your our steam cause simple they had youth, we had maturity now i wish we kicked and screemed for new one earlier. like lil halo kids

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    yeah dude i watched the video of black arrow on youtube and it looked really good! i want it! umm if u guys miss those games so badly why not just use OG xbox or get a ps2 and play r6: 3? I know lockdown sucks but its oldschool r6 gameplay and still works fine same for r6:3 on ps2 and u dont need any special program or w/e it just works normally.. This is why i play my ps2 online rather than my 360.. for 1 the newer games suck and for 2 i grew up w/ r6: 3 and ghost recon jungle storm ect. and thats what ive always loved.. anyway if u decide to get a ps2 ever.. theyre 40 bucks and r6 : 3 is like 3.99 at gamestop lockdown is 8.99 and jungle storm is 7.99.. and is worth it cuz they all work fine just no1 plays.. I am down to play anytime if u do.. and im also gona get the AV's for my OG xbox and get black arrow! but its hard to fing OG xbox stuff! anyway i think a ps2 and r6:3 is a good investment! 45 dollars for somthin youre desperately wanting.. that ubi is prolly NEVER gona do! let me know if u consider this..

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