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    hi guys,
    quiestion is :
    where can i find the new maps ?


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    Well there's the maps UBI made which aren't that great but are available if you want them.

    If you mean player made maps. None are avaiable yet as they at the very best are testing it for balance and getting other peoples opinions on it. Patience ;-)

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    yey my first chance... sith you noob

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    Is there a specific folder that we have to install these into or can we just instal them anywhere and start playing? Or can someone tell me all the details of getting them to work cos i failed the first time.

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    Check the map forum, there are like 5 topics on how to install them :P

    Edit: eeh... Actually, there is one like 6 or 7 topics below this one

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    Here's mine....if youre interested^^

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    look guys i know that but i need to know
    where i can find them

    i know how to instal them but i need to know where other maps are where i can download them

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    I'm currently creating a website (with a screwed template) where I'll place all maps I can find.. and will have allot too when its back online

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