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    Smile Girls Night In

    Are you looking for a good night in with the girls?

    Play with the Frag Dolls, the Frag Doll Cadettes for one of our Girls Only game nights.

    Keep up with our schedule on
    our Facebook

    Don't worry boys, you can always join in the fun via chat on our Twitch.TV channel.

    Hope to see you there ladies! Game on!
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    Senior Member Suniez's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    Count me in! I think the hardest part might be finding a game we all have.. but I suggest BLOPS or maybe even ACB!

    I miss all you ladies!

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    I'm down - let's pick a date and game and DO THIS.

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    I'm in.

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    Senior Member Phoenix_FD's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Yes!!! Let's do it! Monday night? 10pm EST/9pm CST?

    What game?


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    Monday sounds good! Idk, a game that can fit a bunch of us in lol

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    I haven't really played much ACB multi yet wink.

    Is that game still cool or what?

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    Senior Member FatDyke's Avatar
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    Yes pleeeease! I thought you'd never ask

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    Senior Member FatDyke's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    PS - The only games I have are Black Ops & Reach.. still waitin' fo ma AC:B :P

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    Lol same here. I have Reach, Black Ops, RDR, and L4D. AC:B hasn't arrived yet.

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