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    I know I haven't been a cadette but I'd love to play with you guys if there is room in what you play o.O.. i have reach.. of all the big multi player games.

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    Shooooot! I won't be able to make it on Monday night! I've missed you crazy people SO much!

    ::kicks rocks::

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    ooooh sounds just like gamecrush... oh wait..

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    I suppose BLOPS could work! So everyone be ready tomorrow night for some fun times!

    We can do it again another week too so that we can get everyone in to play! <3

    If you haven't already post here to play!

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    Y'ALL STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN YOUR GAMES YET?????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!


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    I'm down for some Black Ops! we need some of the new ladies to play toooooo!

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    I want to!! I wont be able to Monday, but I'm sure that we will have a few of these game nights with the new ladies right? (WE BETTER!!)

    Also I miss all of you and haven't played with you guys in ages, so this needs to happen

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    If I'm not on can someone text meeee please I have ADD and get distracted easily, and tend to forget the times and things I'm supposed to do

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    I am SO IN! Lets DESTORY SOME PEEPS! W00t!

    Also, if I am not online can someone text me?

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