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    <span class="ev_code_PINK">One of the most important parts of my job as a Community Manager is to represent the community within Ubisoft. When you guys need product support and patches, I'm the one who tries to get them for you by telling the developers exactly what you need. I can't always promise results, but the best I can do is make sure that you get heard.

    Keep in mind, talking about an issue on the forums is NOT a replacement for submitting a bug report to our support team at If you want better chances of results or have questions about how to solve a particular problem, they're your best bet. Neither myself nor our moderators are technicians so it's likely that we'll be of limited assistance (except for vpc410, of course. He's our technical wiz. )

    On to the process, there are a few things you guys can do to make my job a lot easier and thus help me help you.

    * The first and most important thing is to post your bug/glitch/problem reports in one place so If you're reading this here in the Community Help forum then you're in the right place.

    * When you post in the Community Help Forum, please make sure to CLEARLY MARK WHAT PLATFORM VERSION YOU ARE REPORTING ON! If it's Xbox, tell me it's for Xbox. If it's for PC, tell me it's for PC. I can't do anything with your information if I don't know what platform it's for.

    * If you're reporting a glitch or exploit, DO NOT explain it in such a way that cheaters can learn the tactic from reading your report. You can refer to the problem, describe some relevant details, but if you need to tell me HOW it is done, please send me a Private Message.

    * Lastly, please try to keep your reports clear, concise and constructive. I would prefer not to have to wade through flames and irrationally emotional posts to find the gem of useful information. The more details I can give to the developers, the more precisely they can address the problem, so make them accessible.

    Thanks for your help in making this glitch-fixing process as successful and painless as possible!

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    This is an xbox live problem. People are leaving my game during a ranked game and I am getting penalties for them. It happed twice. I had 150 points and now it took me to -50 points. I would appreciate it if you gave me my 200 points back. Please reply to my thread and tell me if I need to call ubi. Thank You

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    My Pc bonus disk (Collectors Edition) is not functioning correctly. I have splinter cell 1
    installed and patched. When I run the installer on the bonus disk to
    install the levels, i get this error "RTPatch engine exited with error
    31772". I've tried it with a fresh install of splinter cell 1 but it gave
    me the same error. Other people on the message boards are having this
    same problem. Is there a fix for it?

    I submitted the same bug report to ubi and they sent me a reply decribing how to install chaos theory, not the bonus disk contents. Its like they didnt even read what I wrote. I replied and tried to explain the situation more clearly, but they have not responded yet. Its a problem (though a minor one) thats affecting everyone who bought the CE. Some People payed the extra $15 just for those missions. It looks like the game files for the patch arent even on the dvd (the cab files are there largest non-video file, but they still are too small to hold maps and textures.) Its like non of the content is there.

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    I would just like to say that this game works fine for me but theres a few things that could probally be fixed easy.

    First: My friend and I both have Mics, Nice comps and all clean and the game works fine for both of us. When he hosts a game in co-op everything works for us Mics and all but when i Hosts our Mics dont work wierd no big deal so i let him host for now.

    Second: In the bunker map at the start theres a little glitch witch turns into a bug if you dont see a missle launch and you keep going to the 2end bunker and the doors looked closed and you try to decend you will get disconnected. You can avoid this by watching and make sure the Missle launches.

    Hope this Helps a bit.

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    here's a funny glitch i encountered on vs. mode.

    my buddy (spy) got knocked out by the mercs berserker attacked. When the merc went to put him in a choke hold with his gun i grabbed him. So some odd reason just as he choke holds him he comes to me and went into my body. the other spy went and laughed like crazy because of this glitch. after 3 minutes of moving him around he went back to lobby. sooo **** funny.

    Don't know how to reproduce but this glitch will become easy to perform once someone gets the timing right. fix it before we have another glitch problem.

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    In Versus mode online, for some reason my xbox won't allow me to snipe as a mercenary in an game but in tutorial it works fine. I took the game over to a friends xbox and it works over there and we determined that its how the xbox reads the signal. Help me out and tell me why i cant snipe. Email

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    Several people (including myself) are having problems reading the disk with V1.0 xboxes with the thompson DVD drives. either they can't read the disk or their game freezes in the menus.

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    Our developers are aware of the Thompson drive issue and are looking into it.

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    For the PC version: When attempting to run SC3 from my iomega external DVD drive, I recieve an error message with the following text:

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Insert the Splinter Cell Chaos Theory DVD disc into another drive and then press "Retry". <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Problem is--I don't have another functional DVD drive.

    The drive's driver, my copy of Windows, my copy of DirectX, and my install of SC3 are all completely updated. The drive's speed is 16x. I have never had issues watching movies or playing/installing games from it before--in fact, Disc 2 of the Collector's edition works perfectly from the drive. My DVD key is correct.

    Any ideas on how to fix/get around this problem, send 'em to frostyservant (at) (that google mail).

    P.S. I think PC gamers are getting tired of being treated like criminals.

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    PS2: for online multiplayer the points are not getting awarded for ranked games. THis started about 2 days ago and hasnt been fixed. When a ranked game is won, it goes to the page where it shows how many points are awarded. INstead of having numbers for the points to the winning team, its just has a dash - on both sides, even the winning team. If you could please look into this and get this bug fixed it would be muchly appreaciated. Thx

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