PLEASE, give us the option to disable help tips! Or at least dont stop our gameplay every time you want to hold our hand. Some of these are even doubled up. First you get a long sweeping view of something and then you have to exit out of a popup tip. Its very aggravating and ruins the whole experience. There is nothing to discover on your own in this game. And there is no way to skip the tips, or the 1 boring cut scene that plays over and over. These tips stop you the entire time you are playing, even the last level. Like a slooooow view to show a fire tree. Stops you to say you have plants. Stops again to say you grew more plants. Stops to say you grew all the plants. Stops to show you the exit. Stops to show you the water plant. Stops to tell you to move the water plant. ENOUGH! Please give the people with at least 1 working brain cell the option to disable tips. Thanks.