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    Hi It is 4.45pm here in the uk and my game has just started working, don't know if it will last but it has let me load my saved game and start one of the extra maps I bought.
    I don't suppose they will let people know it is working now, or what the problem was so I thought I would post this message.

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    I am in the UK and it not working for me.

    Can't use Profile etc and can't play DLC I purchased, also all my previous scores have gone.

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    I don't flaming belive it It has just crashed and Now I can't play AGAIN.
    I am so sorry for getting your hopes up I feel awful now.
    Thats it now I am not going to bother with this game again it is bad for my blood presure lol.
    I hope they fix it really soon for you all.
    Sorry again.

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    It's 18:40 in the UK and it is not working for me

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    Still not working for me in the UK.

    I've given up on the game and given up on ubisoft.

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    Nope still stuck in offline mode.

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