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    Aug 2005
    Just launched DISCIPLES III (Heroes clone) site:
    WOW site is beautifull

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    Disciples 3 seems more mature than Homm 5, I like it.

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    Senior Member Jolly-Joker's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    Final Boss, is that really you speaking?
    I'm sure you'd gotten a fit if Heroes 5 hasn't had the undead as a faction in the initial game with no addon in view.
    So how come you like Disciples 3 when they decided to take them out?

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    Senior Member Infiltrator-SF's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    Oddly enough Undead Hordes were my favorite in Disciples as well. I'm hoping they will be added later on.

    And Disciples are NOT a heroes clone, the recruiting, experience, resource gathering, spells and combat are completely different.

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    Senior Member Oakwarrior's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    I like the art style

    And it's rather an AoW clone.

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    It sure looks nice... real dark fantasy world!!
    when does it come out? It's already going to be hot Q3 of the year ...
    But looks like Aow and Warcraft mix ...

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    Great, something more to waste my money on.

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    It looks great. I wonder if creatures move on the battlefield like in HoMM or can they always reach all opponents to hit them? Basically I'm asking if there are tiles on the battlefield and movement speed to calculate how far a ceratin creature can move.
    This guy looks spectacularly.
    This guy is sexy.

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    yes, the game looks very promising, I like the creepy aura around it ))
    with or without undead there are plenty of other creatures to play with. if they can make a great story with 3 races why want more? And there is always a place for an addon

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