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    Ahh! A simple time when me and UnknownG still didn't get along. And spamming seem to go on forever. Those were the days!
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    It's nice to see you still think of me, at any rate those days where fun. It was awesome being hated because of my Kakashi.
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    Yeah, I seen your posts near the top and got the idea to put this up and see if you still troll on here. It has been over a few months since I was on. I havent even been on XBOX Live since Sept 2010. I moved from N. Carolina to Syracuse, NY and have been to lazy to setup my wireless network to access live on my box.

    Well as far as the old dayz most of the hate was just to f with cannot tell intent writing words on a forum or over chat msg on live. It was fun...I remember making over 5 diff profiles on here to get PolishPimpOO so ticked he got banned for good on the forum.

    Well no ill will bro. See ya
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    Yea man same here.
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    HEY UNKNOWN, u and me had some good fights too. U guys should come back to ROAN, I changed my Tag from Tripletreat99 to Cesar Anthony84.
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