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    Actually, I used to have the 'official' autobiography of Captain Prien. That report was part of the suppliments in the back of the book.

    Bantam publishing released a few of the Propaganda books that were done about the Uboat commanders. Many of them were actually quite good, and probably not much good as propaganda. Adm. Doenitz was trying hard to counter the allied claims that his Uboat captains were nothing more than blood thirsty psychopaths.

    Prien, Otto Kretschmer and a few others did the books, with Kretschmer rewriting his after the war to add about his life as a POW.

    It is interesting to note that Prien was a diehard member of the Nazi party up until after his first patrol. While he never openly criticized hitler or the party, his behavior after his first patrol was distinctly different than what you would expect.

    Prien was among the large number of U-boat commanders who would give water, rations, and general navigation aid to the crews of the ships they sunk. In Prien's case it may be that prior to the war, he was a common sailor who worked his way up from the foc'sle to become a ship's captain. He actually had more in common with the crews of the ships he sank than he did with the crews of the submarines and the members of the Nazi party.

    Since he was killed when the U47 was sunk, we will probably never know.

    It is known that Hitler ranted about his Uboat commanders giving aid to the enemy, and demanded that Doenitz put a stop to it, even going so far as to having the captains who were guilty of these 'crimes' shot.
    "Only the dead have seen the end of war."*
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